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In ‘Reducing the pain of video conferencing: 5 reasons to meet better’ you’ll discover the key business benefits of moving to an enterprise-grade solution like StarLeaf.

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  • Increase user adoption, as well as reduce costs, with licensing that promotes video meetings across the organization
  • Release your teams from the daily grind of conferencing support, with tools including automated monitoring, management and upgrades
  • Improve data security and compliance, thanks to ISO/IEC 27001 certification, data jurisdiction, and more

Meet better. Meet StarLeaf.

Watch now to see how true enterprise video conferencing can bring your people together, wherever they are, to do what they do best.

Did you know?

  • 90% of traditional enterprise conferencing users face issues when starting a video call
  • A third of users see the video/call ultimately fail, or experience poor audio and video quality <sup>1</sup>

Traditional conferencing solutions are difficult and time-consuming to manage – and use. It’s why organizations are increasingly choosing to move to newer video conferencing solutions like StarLeaf, designed to meet the needs of the enterprise. Secure, reliable and intuitively simple, you need video conferencing that just works, every time.

1Culture of now, StarLeaf, 2019

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