StarLeaf for Healthcare

Make digital healthcare services a reality with a HIPAA-compliant video meeting solution that’s secure, reliable and easy to use.

Video meetings for Telehealth
Cutting-edge healthcare training
HIPAA compliant
Data jurisdiction guarantee


World-class video meetings for healthcare organizations

StarLeaf SLA

Secure and reliable

StarLeaf is the #1 meeting platform for security and reliability, and we’ve achieved the global ISO/IEC 27001 security certification: the most respected information security standard. Plus we offer an industry-leading 99.999% uptime guarantee, for services you can rely on.


HIPAA compliance

StarLeaf has achieved HIPAA compliance, and we’re ready and able to enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with organizations looking to achieve or maintain HIPAA compliance.

Data jurisdiction

Data jurisdiction guarantee

We guarantee that your data will remain under your control, in your own jurisdiction, so you can be sure it’s being processed in accordance with US data protection and confidentiality requirements.

StarLeaf for health - telehealth

Video meetings for Telehealth

Quickly and easily provide patients with the care they need, including prescriptions and test results. Telehealth visits with StarLeaf use secure video and chat to connect patients with medical staff for regular or specialist appointments, without either person having to leave their home or office.

StarLeaf for health training

Cutting-edge healthcare training

Provide your healthcare team with cost-effective continuing medical education and training. Enable licensed medical professionals to stay ahead of industry developments and new technologies as well as to maintain or improve their practice competencies.

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