I graduated from Imperial College, where I studied an MEng in Bioengineering. The degree was broad and included courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, maths and medicine. During our 3rd and 4th year, we were able to select courses from other departments to and I chose to focus more on computer science.

A normal day at work involves working on developing new features that will improve the user experience and maintaining existing code. There is a lot of individual responsibility but I also work with members of other teams, such as the UX and product management teams.

A new graduate can expect to be involved in the whole process of developing new features. There are many opportunities to work on diverse projects and to continue to learn new things. StarLeaf has a friendly work environment with several social events which gives you an opportunity to meet and socialise with people from all parts of the company.

Sara Sandberg

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An extremely good company with very high benefits and perfectly committed to its employees with a great company culture

Mark Richer, StarLeaf CEO