What was the main reason you considered Teamline for an internship?

I stumbled upon StarLeaf at a university careers fair, applied and eventually got an offer to work in Great Shelford. After my first internship, I got an offer to return the next summer where I would be based at the Teamline office.

What exciting projects have you worked on?

My first project was in video encoding, and while extremely challenging it was a very new thing to learn about video compression techniques (it’s all a bit magic, it turns out!). My project this year is entirely different: I’m re-implementing from scratch the way that Teamline room systems integrate with a particular third-party video meetings service.

What are your most memorable and enjoyable highlights of working at Teamline?

Every time my video decoder worked correctly on another bit of the sample stream, after many weeks of ‘blind’ programming and painful debugging, that was a small success and a moment of joy. The annual summer party was also a lot of fun.

What does the day in the life of an intern look like?

Much like the day of any other employee – I come in and leave on the same flexible hours. I’m working independently on my project a lot of the time, although my project ‘mentor’ is at the desk next to mine and I can draw on their knowledge and experience (as well as that of my team) as needs be if I run into challenges. They’ll also check in with me every so often to make sure I haven’t gone astray. The kitchen area has plenty of snacks and drinks available (and the all-important coffee machine) to keep me going throughout the day.

What skills have you developed during your internship?

I’ve gained a lot of experience coding in C for cross-platform deployment, and in C# writing a Windows application.

What aspects of your role are you most passionate about?

It’s exciting that my project is the start of something that will eventually ship to Teamline hardware around the world.

Edwin Balani

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An extremely good company with very high benefits and perfectly committed to its employees with a great company culture

Mark Richer, StarLeaf CEO