What was the recruitment and onboarding experience like for you at StarLeaf?

I applied for a graduate software engineering role directly to StarLeaf and was immediately invited for a video interview. I have a physics background with some, but limited, software experience and I was actually offered a place on the StarLeaf software bootcamp over the summer, rather than continuing for the graduate role. I was told that I would learn the fundamentals of software engineering (that I needed to learn) and that there would still be a chance of a graduate role at the end of the bootcamp. I took up this offer gladly. The bootcamp was a great experience – I learned a lot about software engineering and StarLeaf as a company. I was subsequently offered a graduate role at the end of my time there and happily took this second offer up.

What are your most memorable and enjoyable experiences of working at StarLeaf so far?

One of my favorite experiences was my first R&D event. There are quarterly R&D meetings where the full StarLeaf R&D team get together in London to discuss the status of current projects. We have lunch and dinner at a couple of restaurants – it is a great chance to socialize with colleagues from the respective office.

What does a day in the life of a Software Engineer at StarLeaf look like?

Each graduate engineer has a project that they take ownership of. A typical day would consist of working on the project, talking problems over with your assigned mentor and other members of your team and socializing with colleagues over a coffee or lunch.

What aspects of your role are you passionate about and why?

I’m passionate about the opportunity to have full ownership of a project as a graduate engineer. Few companies would give such responsibility to such a junior position and it allows for great development right from the start of your career.

What advice would you give to any graduates starting their career at StarLeaf?

Just be yourself!

Rhys Roberts