At StarLeaf, we are committed to working with bright, aspiring software and hardware engineers to introduce them to the working environment and give them a taste of what it means to be part of the StarLeaf team. We aim to ensure they return to their studies with a richer skill set and a good understanding of developing real-world solutions.

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With several intakes each year at our Cambridge and Watford offices, we aim to make our intern experience as close as possible to that of a full-time member by providing valuable understanding of how a software engineering team functions in a commercial environment whilst, at the same time, interns give us an insight into their potential as a future full-time StarLeaf employee.

Joanne Nock

"I had lots of support from my team and mentor when I needed it, but it was exciting to be largely working on my tool independently since I had a lot of creative freedom over my design choices and how best to optimise my code."

Summer Intern 2019 (Shelford)

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Tayma Ferriera

"I am passionate about problem-solving and writing code. Also about learning new skills and improving the ones I already have."

Summer Intern 2019 (Croxley)

Meet Tayma

Edwin Balani

"I worked independently on my project a lot of the time, although my project mentor was at the desk next to mine and I could draw on their knowledge and experience (as well as that of my team) as needs be if I ran into any challenges."

Summer Intern 2019 (Cambridge)

Meet Edwin

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