Why did you choose StarLeaf to complete your Year in Industry?

I had done a pre-university Year in Industry here and I enjoyed it immensely so I decided to return for a summer internship.

What exciting projects did you work on during your internship?

I worked on automating a few of the manual tests which I had written the previous year. As a result, I am learning to use pytest and selenium testing frameworks.

What are the three main benefits of completing a year in industry with StarLeaf?

My most enjoyable experiences at StarLeaf this summer have been socializing with my colleagues outside of work hours, whether it’s going climbing after work or just having a social get together. I was also quite happy to reconnect with my past colleagues!

My ultimate most enjoyable experience has been working with and learning from Thomas. He is very skilled and as my mentor, he has taught me a lot!

What new skills have you developed during your time at StarLeaf?

I have learned to use pytest and selenium testing frameworks to automate manual testing. This has helped me improve my python usage vastly. I have also learned how to adapt to different working styles.

What aspects of your role were you most passionate about?

I am passionate about problem-solving and writing code. Also about learning new skills and improving the ones I already have.

Tayma Ferriera