The StarLeaf Graduate Scheme

StarLeaf is calling for students who might be interested in learning programming skills within the context of its software business. Programming will be mainly in C. Register your interest here for our graduate scheme 2021/22.

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An introduction to hands-on programming

This is a unique opportunity for final year undergraduate mathematicians, engineers and scientists, with little or no previous software experience, to find out if a career in software development is for them. Run over eight weeks with several intakes throughout the year, the Graduate Scheme provides an intensive crash-course into both computer science concepts and hands-on programming, with a bespoke curriculum and an eye towards real-world software engineering. It is hard work but fun!

"My favourite task was the implementation of a shortest path algorithm in C, where we iteratively improved the run-time of the algorithm using different data structures until it took a fraction of the time it did to start. If applying for the bootcamp then prepare to be challenged: one of the internal tasks provided was a pre-interview test for a software engineering position at StarLeaf! You learn a lot very quickly and are mentored all the way through by StarLeaf engineers who are more than happy to answer any questions you might have."

Rhys Roberts, Software Bootcamp (2018) - Graduate Software Engineer (Present)

“The best thing about the Bootcamp were our tutors. They were all StarLeaf software engineers and aside from being incredibly nice, they were also incredibly smart and good programmers. The working atmosphere at StarLeaf was also great. It is very relaxed and informal, you get to know everyone in the first few days and then keep meeting them in the office, at lunch or in the socials. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone wanting to become a software engineer.”

Sara Troyas, Software Bootcamp (2018)

“I was interested in software development, but I hadn’t done any before. The Bootcamp offered an opportunity to both learn and develop skills in working with software starting from the basics, so I knew that it was the right thing for me.”

Nelson Kondia, Software Bootcamp 2019