Why StarLeaf?

I’ve worked in a variety of industries including financial services, e-commerce, automotive, and software security. The main aspects of every role that I have enjoyed the most are writing, creating other forms of content, and figuring out how end-users interpret and consume this information. As a Technical Author, I have a passion for clear communication and the different ways in which people communicate whether it’s through reading, instant messaging, face-to-face over video, or watching tutorials and webinars. StarLeaf is an organization that fulfils my interests while providing a friendly, working environment and space to grow professionally.

What exciting projects have you worked on?

The month I joined, we released the StarLeaf app which I have been lucky to document and write about from its very beginning. It’s been a lot of fun and exciting to watch something evolve so quickly. Since then, I’ve enjoyed working on some of the more complex hardware projects such as the Pronto family. This has been much more challenging since I was not too familiar with documenting hardware until I joined StarLeaf.

What are your most memorable and enjoyable experiences of working at StarLeaf?

The annual kick off event always stands out for me. It’s a chance to see StarLeaf employees from all over the world together in one place, speak to people you’ve never spoken to before, and just enjoy a social night full of eating, dancing, and celebration.

What does a day in the life of a Technical Author at StarLeaf look like?

It can be varied and sometimes chaotic depending on the ongoing projects and new features we’re working on. For example, I might start the day by designing an installation sheet that is included in the packaging for Pronto to help end-users figure out how to install it in their room system. Then, I might spend time editing a page in the Knowledge Center that requires updating, for example, adding information to teach end-users about using profile pictures or ‘do not disturb’ in the app. Finally, I might join a meeting where we discuss the upcoming release and what bug fixes and features will be included so that I can write some release notes to go with them.

Have you received a good level of support and mentorship from your team?

Absolutely. Everyone is very supportive and when you pluck up the courage to ask for assistance, people are always willing to help and share their skills and guidance.

What advice would you give to any aspiring technical author at StarLeaf?

Being a Technical Author at StarLeaf is much more collaborative than most people think. As part of the Product Team, you will constantly discuss ideas and projects, share work, ask for feedback, and provide advice to others who may need it. A passion for creating clear communication and a desire to help people understand is essential. You should ask questions all the time, play around with products to ease your learning process, and just get as involved as possible. The more you give, the more you get.

Ciara O'Leary