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Extend the reach of your classrooms and deliver rich distance learning sessions to students, locally and globally.

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With the changing landscape of education and the need to find new ways to reach more students, education establishments of all kinds use StarLeaf’s video conferencing solutions to extend the reach of educators and allow them to connect to remote students. StarLeaf’s intuitive video conferencing extends the reach of the classroom globally, making it possible for students from anywhere in the world, on any device, to connect without needing training or assistance.

Engage and enthuse with richer distance learning

StarLeaf helps schools and universities to extend their reach by providing the tools for rich, engaging and interactive distance learning sessions. Multiple cameras and microphones follow the action and provide clear audio, and multiple screens can display shared content as well as a choice of controls and attendee layouts. And as sessions can easily be recorded, with all audio, video and shared content captured, lessons can be viewed multiple times or distributed afterwards for students unable to attend.

Faster decision making

StarLeaf also helps administrators to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, and make decisions faster by providing video conferencing and messaging tools that anyone can use, from anywhere, to contact anyone. High quality calls, group and individual chats, and easy screen sharing all facilitate a well-informed and productive team.

StarLeaf makes it possible for our students to interpret real, live events using the same technology they will use in the real world. When they graduate and look for a job, they will have a distinct competitive advantage over other candidates.

Aladin Alaily, Glendon

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