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For financial services businesses, high quality communication tools are crucial for success. Customers aren’t always willing or able to meet in person, but maintaining strong relationships and putting a human face on your business is vital. Investors expect regular updates and to feel involved, included, and consulted. Meanwhile staff must work together, often across multiple offices, as well as attending regular training and professional development sessions.

Collaborate and communicate at any scale

StarLeaf provides tools that facilitate all of these different communication needs. Powerful conference room fit-outs with support for multiple cameras, dual screens, allow you to hold large ‘town hall’ sessions with ease. Invite up to 300 participants, or reach 3,000 viewers by live streaming your meeting. Equally, scalable tools for smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces help teams to collaborate quickly and easily with no need for training or technical support. Staff can also communicate on the StarLeaf messaging app, which provides a persistent conversation history wherever they are logged in and whatever device they are using.

Confidentiality, compliance and easy management

StarLeaf recognizes that financial services is an industry where confidentiality, reliability, compliance and professional standards are central. All our solutions offer firewall traversal, multiple points of presence each with fully redundant backup, complete control of data sent over the messaging service including the ability to quickly remove a user’s access, and powerful administrative tools that allow businesses to report on usage and maintain dozens of endpoints across the globe from a single location.

To join a scheduled meeting, all we have to do is hit one button and we immediately enter the conference.

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Highland Capital Partners

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