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Bring the power of StarLeaf video meetings seamlessly into your organization and your existing ways of working.

Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams

Join a StarLeaf meeting with anyone, anywhere, without leaving your Teams chat or channel.

Microsoft Office

StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook (Office 365)

Schedule and join StarLeaf video meetings directly from Outlook (desktop client and web).

Microsoft Azure

Azure Active Directory Integration

Simplify user deployment and management with automated synchronization for new users, user updates and deactivation.

Microsoft Exchange

StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook (Exchange Server)

Schedule and join StarLeaf video meetings directly from the Outlook client.


BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf has partnered with BlueJeans to enable organizations to join Microsoft Teams meetings from StarLeaf meeting rooms.

Microsoft Windows

StarLeaf for Windows

Collaborate, share and discuss with StarLeaf on Windows devices. StarLeaf works with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft browser support

Guest or existing StarLeaf user, anyone can use a Microsoft browser to join a StarLeaf meeting.

Skype for Business

StarLeaf with Skype for Business

Expand your Skype for Business installation to include StarLeaf video meetings with this integration.


StarLeaf for Slack

Effortlessly escalate Slack messaging sessions to live audio and video conferences with content sharing and more.

Google Calendar

StarLeaf Scheduler for Google Calendar

Schedule and edit StarLeaf meetings in Google Calendar


VoiceConnect (PSTN)

Integrate with a PSTN SIP trunk to add inbound and outbound dialing to your StarLeaf rooms.


StarLeaf MultiJoin

Join all your meetings from any StarLeaf room at the touch of a button, across different platforms and meeting services.

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Poly Join button

Light up the ‘Join now’ button on Poly endpoints connected to StarLeaf.

Synergy Sky

Synergy SKY Meeting Server

Light up Poly and Cisco ‘join now’ buttons for StarLeaf meetings.



Integrate Okta and StarLeaf to synchronize and manage users across the platforms.



Integrate OneLogin and StarLeaf to synchronize and manage users across the platforms.



Bring the full power of a StarLeaf touchscreen to your Series 3 controller.



A simple, sample module to support programmers building an AMX custom UI.



Integrate StarLeaf into your Extron solution, for a simple and rich user experience.


StarLeaf API

Manage StarLeaf deployments and services from external clients. A RESTful API that is simple and easy to use.


StarLeaf Endpoint Control API

Get full programmatic control of your StarLeaf meeting room endpoints from any external controller.



Create a link that starts a StarLeaf video meeting in a web browser. Works with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.


StarLeaf links

Integrate StarLeaf audio, video and data sharing into your applications with a link to launch a StarLeaf video call.

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End-to-end remote patient consultation workflows for NHS, built on secure and ultra-reliable StarLeaf video.

StarLeaf and Zapier

Zapier allows you to easily integrate StarLeaf with other apps, no coding required.

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