Integrating with Microsoft

For organizations using Microsoft productivity tools, StarLeaf integrates into every part of your Microsoft technology stack.

It’s quick and easy for users to get the benefits of StarLeaf without having to change the way they work. They can schedule and manage StarLeaf video meetings in Outlook or Microsoft Teams, and join from any device or a meeting room.

StarLeaf also integrates with Microsoft’s leading enterprise IT management tools. From support for Azure Active Directory to deployment through MSI (Microsoft Windows Installer) and Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), StarLeaf reduces the support and management workload for IT teams.

Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf integrates perfectly with Microsoft Teams, providing simple scheduling and joining for video meetings directly from a Teams chat or channel.

Microsoft Office

StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook (Office 365)

Schedule and join StarLeaf video meetings directly from Outlook (desktop client and web).

Microsoft Azure

Azure Active Directory Integration

Simplify user deployment and management with automated synchronization for new users, user updates and deactivation.

Microsoft Exchange

StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook (Exchange Server)

Schedule and join StarLeaf video meetings directly from the Outlook client.


BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

StarLeaf has partnered with BlueJeans to enable organizations to join Microsoft Teams meetings from StarLeaf meeting rooms.

Microsoft Windows

StarLeaf for Windows

Collaborate, share and discuss with StarLeaf on Windows devices. StarLeaf works with Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft browser support

Guest or existing StarLeaf user, anyone can use a Microsoft browser to join a StarLeaf meeting.