2 April 2020. Coronavirus: the latest update from StarLeaf.

Last week I gave you an update on the measures we are taking to ensure the best StarLeaf service for our customers. This week I want to share with you more details on the usage trends we have seen as well as give you an update on the measures we are taking across our service, our customer success teams, and our product to support you and your business.

April 2, 2020

Message from Mark Richer

Unprecedented demand for StarLeaf video meetings

StarLeaf continues to play a key role in keeping people connected. Since the beginning of the outbreak, we have seen a significant increase in new user sign-ups from both new organisations as well as existing customers. This has resulted in a surge in StarLeaf usage, with weekly call volume growing by more than 10x compared to February. In fact, StarLeaf has just reached a run rate of 2.5 billion minutes annually.

Ensuring the best StarLeaf service

Such a significant surge in demand in such a short space of time is a challenge for any organisation in any industry, and we’ve seen even the very largest organisations struggle – including in our own sector. At StarLeaf, we pride ourselves on the industry-leading reliability and security of our service to support our customers in keeping connected. It is for this reason that we chose to build our own platform with our unique distributed architecture rather than rely on 3rd party public cloud services. And it is through this end-to-end platform ownership and distributed architecture that StarLeaf can mitigate against, identify, and respond to changing service requirements quickly and effectively.

Since the start of the outbreak, our Operations teams have been working day and night to continuously monitor the StarLeaf service and expand platform capacity to ensure global service availability for our customers. We have already upgraded all our existing data centres with additional capacity. In addition to this, we are bringing online new super data centres each of which has more than 3x the capacity of existing data centres. Two of these new super data centres were brought online this week, with more to follow.

Thank you for your trust in StarLeaf as we continue to focus our efforts to respond quickly to this crisis and surge in demand.

Supporting you with remote working

As businesses continue to shift to working remotely, we are all having to adapt to new ways of working. To help you and your teams get started with video conferencing and remote working, we launched our new Remote Working Hub which brings together useful tips and guides. We are constantly updating this with new resources, so make sure to check in regularly. We recently added a number of new how-to videos to help new users get started with StarLeaf.

We are also expanding user training. We have grown our global customer success team by 30%, and, with our new team members, we have increased the number of user training sessions on offer for customers. In the coming weeks, we will also be making additional user training sessions available to all. If you are interested in user training for your organisation, get in touch here.

Continued innovation in challenging times

Finally, our fantastic engineering teams continue to work (remotely of course!) on continued product innovation to make sure that we make remote working work for you.

We have completed the rollout of our StarLeaf Spring 2020 release to all users and this brings a raft of new features to help keep your teams connected wherever they are.

Highlights include our new Start meeting functionality which allows all users to create a new meeting in an instant without the need to schedule. Users can simply share the link to the meeting so they can meet with anyone in an instant.

Another great new addition is Guest Join, which makes it easier than ever to invite anyone to meet, even if they don’t already have a video meeting app or video conferencing account. You can see a quick demo of both features in the videos below.

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, do get in touch with your StarLeaf contact.

Please stay safe and we’ll see you on StarLeaf.

Best wishes,

Mark Richer
CEO & Founder