24 April 2020. Coronavirus update: security for working anywhere

We’re committed to keeping you secure

April 24, 2020

Message from Mark Richer

Since I was last in touch, a number of high profile incidents in the industry have put a focus on the privacy and security of the video solutions people are using. At StarLeaf, security is, and has always been, a core part of the StarLeaf solution, and it’s not something we’ve had to rush to fix as our usage grows.

StarLeaf provides secure and reliable enterprise-grade video meetings:

  • We’re one of only a few video meetings providers to have achieved the industry leading ISO/IEC 27001 security certification.
  • We have a large number of users in healthcare, financial services and other sectors demanding highly secure solutions – and we were recently recommended by the French government as a secure solution provider.
  • We own our platform end-to-end, so we can mitigate against, respond to and identify risk more quickly than other suppliers.

You can find out more in our Security Center, or in our new blog post: Our commitment to secure and reliable video conferencing.

Service delivery update

We continue to see significant growth in StarLeaf usage over the last few weeks with some countries seeing over 1,000% increase in meeting minutes compared to just over a month ago. Such a huge increase in demand in such a short space of time continues to keep us and our operations teams busy. Our rapid and significant investment in additional capacity has allowed us to meet demand and ensure service availability.

We continue to invest in our new super data centers, which have three times the capacity of existing data centers. Three more of these have now come online, bringing us to a total of five new super data centers operational. It’s a significant capacity upgrade that is delivering reliable service to customers, and we plan to continue increasing capacity to meet the expected growth in demand.

Support for new users

Alongside the increase in people joining StarLeaf, we’ve ramped up our support for new users. In addition to the Hybrid Working Hub, we’ve launched a new training webinar series available on-demand. It will give new users an overview of the key things to know, to get them up and running on StarLeaf more quickly. If you’re interested in training for your users, you can share this link with your users now.

If you need us…

For more information about anything in this email, please do talk to your StarLeaf contact. Otherwise, stay safe, and I’ll be in touch again soon.

Best wishes,

Mark Richer
Chief Executive Officer & Founder, StarLeaf