26 March 2020. Coronavirus: the latest from StarLeaf.

In these challenging times, I want to give you a short update on what we’re doing to support you and your business.

March 26, 2020

Message from Mark Richer

We continue to see an unprecedented increase in StarLeaf usage over an incredibly short period of time. There has been a 10x increase in traffic on the StarLeaf service compared to February.

Ensuring the best possible StarLeaf service

In response to the surge in usage, we have set up a dedicated team tasked with ensuring that StarLeaf continues to provide the reliable experience that our customers expect.

We have already considerably expanded our platform and increased capacity to accommodate this growing demand. We have upgraded all existing StarLeaf data centers with additional bandwidth and processing power, and we are also setting up new data centers to meet increased regional usage. The first new data centers went live last weekend, with additional new data centers expected to go live this weekend.

Our customer support teams have also seen a significant increase in activity. So we have expanded our teams and increased headcount by 50% to make sure we deliver for you and respond to all your enquiries.

Fairness, flexibility, and overuse

To provide the reliability and high quality that you expect from StarLeaf, and to ensure fairness for all our customers, we now need to start limiting customers to the number of concurrent meetings that they have purchased. The StarLeaf team has started progressively notifying customers who have gone over their purchased licenses and we will work with them to help address this fairly. Unlimited point-to-point calling continues to be available to all users.

To support any additional conferencing requirements you may have, we have introduced flexible conferencing license options. These new 3-month licenses give you the flexibility to increase conferencing capacity as you need to in the short term.

Supporting remote working

Even as experienced video users ourselves, we’ve learned a few things in the transition to remote working. To share these with you, we launched our new Remote Working Hub which is full of tips and guides to help you. This should be a useful resource for you, your StarLeaf users, and anyone new to StarLeaf or remote working.

The StarLeaf team is now successfully working from home, with only a few critical roles remaining in our offices, but there’s no change to the way we work with you.

Please stay safe and get in touch with your StarLeaf contact if we can help you in any way or if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Mark Richer
CEO & Founder

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