Autumn 2020 release

November 24, 2020

Helping you work from anywhere

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic are continuing, and we’re all still facing lots of uncertainty, especially at work.

At StarLeaf, we’ve been working on updates and features to support you with a consistent meeting experience no matter where you’re working: in the office, at home, or on the go. These features are part of our Autumn 2020 release which will be rolling out over the next couple of months.

Read on to get the details, and if you have any questions, just get in touch.

New in-meeting experience

Wherever you’re joining from, we’ve optimized your in-meeting experience with new features to make StarLeaf even more intuitive, and cut down on video meeting fatigue. The updates include:

  • Reduced pane shuffling when people join, leave or share content
  • Visual presence for audio-only participants so you can keep track of exactly who’s attending
  • Improved name labels which are clearer, easier to read, and take up less space
  • Exit animations to clearly see when people leave the meeting

Nine pane video call showing audio and video participants

In-meeting chat

For seamless collaboration that cuts out disruption, we’re launching in-meeting chat. You can send and receive messages and other types of content during a meeting by clicking the ‘new chat’ icon. The chat lasts as long as the meeting does, so you can brainstorm and collaborate as you would in person.

StarLeaf video chat showing in-meeting chat window


Better meetings on mobile

Working on the go, while travelling, or away from your home office? We’re making meetings on mobile even better, with improvements including:

  • Manage participants on mobile just as easily as on desktop for complete control of your meetings and a consistent experience on any device
  • ‘Start meeting’ is now available on mobile, so you can meet with anyone, anywhere in an instant
  • Recording on mobile for organizations with recording enabled, start and stop recording your meetings directly from your mobile

Smart phone and tablet showing StarLeaf app

Wireless screen sharing for everyone

We’ve taken the hassle out of sharing your screen into a meeting room. You can now easily share your laptop screen into a StarLeaf meeting when you join from a StarLeaf meeting room – no downloads, dongles or cables required. Just click ‘Share screen’ in the Today tab and you’re good to go.

StarLeaf app showing 'share screen' window