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September 29, 2021

Hundreds of millions of daily active users depend on a small handful of video meeting and collaboration platforms. For businesses that recognise why this represents a critical dependency, potentially with a single point of failure, StarLeaf will very soon announce a ground-breaking new innovation.

A quick look at the number of active daily users on the best-known video meeting services shows that hundreds of millions of people around the world rely on video meetings and collaboration services to get their work done.

Video meeting services are generally fairly reliable. But the sheer level of dependency on just a handful of services is ringing alarm bells with an increasing number of risk and business continuity specialists. Especially as reports point to a growing number of service interruptions affecting the highest-profile platforms at times of peak demand.

High use, high risk

In some cases, outages and interruptions will be inconvenient. In other situations, they could have far more serious repercussions. For example:

  • In healthcare, a multidisciplinary team meeting is disrupted, affecting a time-critical patient diagnosis.
  • In business, a high-stakes negotiation with an immovable deadline is delayed, with any number of potential financial or political consequences.
  • In education, students who rely on video to access learning are unable to access their lessons, placing them at an unfair disadvantage.

In short, an organisation’s dependency on video collaboration and communications systems is now as great as on its production systems, telephony network or ERP platform. The result? Video collaboration needs the same business continuity measures in place as any other business-critical IT service.

Bearing in mind that the video collaboration market is dominated by a tiny handful of providers, and business’s risk exposure to interruptions to these services looks greater than ever. Especially as the best-known providers run their services from hyperscale clouds, which are themselves potentially vulnerable to a “black swan” event that could result in a major and prolonged hyperscale outage.

To be continued…

At StarLeaf we’ve been looking at ways to help businesses mitigate these risks, and to give organisations of all types and sizes the level of continuity and resilience their collaboration and communication services deserve.

We’ll be unveiling our game-changing innovation on 6th October at UC Expo London. If you’d like to be among the first to hear the details of a brand new StarLeaf service, sign up with your details.