Calling all hybrid workers: get a better calling experience with StarLeaf

The conversation about hybrid working technology tends to focus on video conferencing. But what about the role of voice calls and meetings in the hybrid mix? StarLeaf VoiceConnect is a great add-on for StarLeaf users who need a single business direct-dial (DID) phone number wherever they work. All within an integrated collaboration solution that offers voice, video and messaging.

September 7, 2021

As hybrid working becomes the norm, people will want a consistent way to connect with colleagues and clients, whether they’re working remotely or in their workplace. StarLeaf offers the same familiar experience across mobile devices, computers and meeting rooms, especially when it comes to making one-to-one voice calls, and enabling people to join meetings via voice.

Hybrid use case: VoiceConnect for rooms

StarLeaf VoiceConnect lets StarLeaf users make and receive calls directly to the telephone network. it also works with any third-party H.323 meeting room endpoint registered to StarLeaf, which means people can make and receive voice calls from StarLeaf meeting rooms of any size – from huddle spaces to lecture theatres. As an added plus, VoiceConnect gives your organisation dedicated direct dial numbers for inbound and outbound to and from all your StarLeaf rooms, with connectivity to the PSTN network provided via an approved SIP trunking provider.

This capability is really handy for dialling colleagues into video meetings on the fly via voice, directly from your StarLeaf controller, for example if the person you need to add doesn’t have an internet connection in their current location.

Hybrid use case: VoiceConnect for remote working:

With VoiceConnect, businesses can give home workers full PSTN access on StarLeaf-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. Each StarLeaf user can be provisioned with a dedicated DID phone number, extension number, and voicemail. Incoming calls ring on all the users’ devices, helping makes sure important calls can always be answered if the recipient chooses.

StarLeaf calling is designed to be easy to use, with voice calls to contacts made in just a single click, and to other numbers simply by entering the required digits. Calls are synced across all devices so people can easily keep track of all their conversations without jumping between different apps. While hold, transfer and voicemail all come as standard with StarLeaf calling. You can even add more people to your one-to-one calls just by tapping a contact if you need to widen the conversation.

The VoiceConnect business advantage

As well as helping hybrid workers to make point-to-point calls and integrate voice calls into their video meetings, VoiceConnect can help businesses make voice calling more cost-effective as they move to a hybrid model.

  • Easily scale voice connectivity for rooms and users anywhere in your organisation.
  • Consolidate telephony into a single meeting solution, and drive down mobile phone charges.
  • Extend your collaborative reach with business partners, suppliers and customers.
  • Remove the need for a PBX if you close or downsize your office network.

At the same time, VoiceConnect offers an easy way for admins to provision and manage calling within your business. It’s easy to remotely assign DID numbers to rooms and individuals using the StarLeaf portal. While hunt groups that divert calls to remote workers if an office is unattended are similarly straightforward to set up via the StarLeaf portal.

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