Hosting large meetings with StarLeaf

From fully interactive meetings to video sessions with moderation to live streaming, StarLeaf has options for company updates, shareholder briefings, and all other large meetings.

April 27, 2021

Day-to-day, many of your meetings are probably on the smaller side, to gather with your team, or a few colleagues from across your organisation and get down to business. But sometimes you need something a little bigger: an all-hands gathering, a town-hall meeting, or a public presentation. When you need to get lots of people together on video, StarLeaf has you covered.

Fully interactive large meetings

All paid StarLeaf users can host fully interactive meetings for up to 300 participants. This means that you can gather with a big group of your colleagues, with all the StarLeaf features you know and love. You’ll get in-meeting chat, a choice of convenient layout options, screen sharing, and everyone can chip in with their ideas, whenever they like.

If you’re hosting a big, fully interactive meeting, we recommend asking participants who aren’t speaking to put themselves on mute. This cuts out distracting background noise, especially when people are working from home. You can quickly unmute to speak by pressing the space bar.

Moderated Spotlight meetings

Need a little bit more structure? StarLeaf Spotlight meetings allow a meeting organiser to add presenters to spotlight and keep other participants in the audience. Presenters in Spotlight can see and speak to one another and are visible to everyone in the audience.

Spotlight means you can share presentations, interviews and more with everyone, and control who’s speaking to keep things running smoothly.

Want to take questions from the audience? People can use the raise hand feature to let the organiser know they have something to contribute, and they can be added to spotlight too.

Live streaming

If you want to broadcast your message to an even bigger audience like your network of partners, your customers, or the public, StarLeaf live streaming is here to help.

Live web streaming straight from StarLeaf means you can invite up to 3,000 participants. You’ll get a unique link you can send out to your audience which will give them access to a web page with embedded audio player.

For an unlimited audience, you can stream from StarLeaf to a third-party platform like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more via RTMP streaming. You can also get access to specialist tools on other platforms such as Quickchannel, which provides advanced webinar features like Q&As, polls and moderated chat.

From fully interactive meetings to moderated presentations to live streaming, StarLeaf has you covered. Find out more about StarLeaf meetings.

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