How to do mobile video conferencing

We’ve all nailed video conferencing from home, but what about video conferencing on the go? You need the right equipment, a strategy for dealing with connectivity problems and the right software. Here’s how to make mobile video conferencing work for you.

February 2, 2021

Get the right kit

Choose the right device for your meeting. Smartphones are really portable, so they can work well for meeting while travelling. But if you need to present or share content, a larger device like a tablet may work better. Find a balance that suits your location and your role in the meeting.

Joining from somewhere noisy? Use headphones with a microphone so you can hear what’s going on, and others in the meeting can hear you. Keep yourself on mute when you’re not speaking to cut down disruption.

Connectivity and network issues

Mobile meetings don’t have to mean actually moving. You’ll get better results if you find a location with good connectivity and stay there, at least for the duration of the video conference.

If you have to move around, consider joining with audio only. It’s much less disruptive to have reliable sound and no video than to join with video and have your meeting cut out because of low bandwidth.

You could also dial in to your meeting from your mobile phone. StarLeaf has global dial in numbers for over 50 countries.

Get the right video conferencing solution

Make sure your video meeting platform offers a similar experience whether you’re joining from a mobile device, a PC or a room system.

StarLeaf provides visual presence for audio-only meeting participants, so you won’t be forgotten if you can’t turn your camera on. And you can now share your screen, manage participants, and record StarLeaf meetings straight from your mobile device. It means you can participate in your meeting no matter where you’re working.

Want to start having great video meetings, from anywhere? You can try StarLeaf for free right now.

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Clare Cavenagh, Graduate Content Marketing Executive