New! Poly accessories for home video conferencing

A new range of plug-and-play Poly accessories is designed to help you look and sound professional on video meetings when you’re working from home. They’re 100% compatible with StarLeaf, on both Mac and PC platforms. So they could be just what you and your teams need to stand out and feel great in the new ‘work from anywhere’ reality.

February 4, 2021

Let your star quality shine

Video collaboration platforms like StarLeaf have helped ease the transition from office-based to home-based working. Why? In part, because they offer the same consistent and easy experience on personal devices as they do in meeting rooms. But it’s a different story with video conferencing hardware, where the cameras and speakers we use at home usually fall way short of the pro-quality equipment in company meeting rooms.

That is, until now. StarLeaf partner Poly has introduced an industry-first range of accessories that lets anyone create a premium home working setup. With few people expecting a return to traditional office-based working, these simple USB devices are the perfect complement to StarLeaf for anyone who wants a video conferencing and collaboration environment at home that helps them live their best work life.

Picture perfect, pitch perfect

The Poly Studio P Series range covers audio, video and display accessories, plus a smart choice of equipment bundles and support, to make purchasing, deployment and ownership all feel super-smooth.

Poly Studio P5 webcam

A distinctively stylish personal webcam with purpose-built optics that make sure you look your best in any environment, even poor light. A directional mic minimises extraneous noises, while the field of view keeps the focus on you, not your pet dog should it walk into shot mid-meeting.

Poly Studio P15 personal video bar

Combining a 4K webcam with high quality speakers and mic, the P15 video bar sits stylishly and discreetly on top of your monitor. If your home office is prone to being noisy, you’ll love how Poly’s unique NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology work together to help mute out background sounds while keeping your voice sharp and clear.

Poly Studio P21 personal meeting display

What could be more 2021 than a display that’s purpose-built for video conferencing? With a 21-inch screen, high-quality integrated stereo speaker, built-in camera, and ambient lighting, the P21 personal meeting display is the all-in-one premium home meeting solution.

Own it with confidence

It’s easy for businesses to equip their teams with these innovative accessories, thanks to a range of pre-packaged Poly Studio P5 kits. Each one contains a Poly Studio 5 webcam and a choice of Poly headsets or a speakerphone. Poly has thoughtfully included an app that guides users through self-deployment, or alternatively enables remote deployment at scale by corporate IT. Enrolling into the Poly Plus support program will make sure all your accessories sustain peak performance.

Combine StarLeaf messaging, meeting and calling technology with Poly Studio P5 accessories, and enjoy industry-leading reliability and simplicity, with equipment that takes home working to a whole new level. Right now, what could be better?

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