New StarLeaf Genius Mode makes you sound breathtakingly clever.

New StarLeaf Genius Mode makes you the smartest person in the meeting at touch of a button.

April 1, 2021

Video conferencing may have kept the world in business over the previous 12 months. But we’ve all sat in virtual meetings and felt like we ought to be making a bigger contribution.

That’s where StarLeaf’s new Genius Mode comes in. By harvesting the brainwaves of some of our smartest developers and engineers, we’ve synthesised a unique AI algorithm that translates mundane utterances into statements of staggering intellect.

How does it work? Simply hit the Genius Mode button in your StarLeaf meetings window, speak into your mic as normal, and watch as your audience is stunned by your PhD-grade knowledge of subjects ranging from Sanskrit to hotel management.

Genius Mode is a potential game-changer for every industry sector and organisation, as these examples show.

Use case 1: IT troubleshooting

Your company suffers a huge cyber-attack and your furious boss demands a video meeting to find out what went wrong, The truth is that you have no clue. Simply engage Genius Mode, and provide a detailed and highly plausible explanation that subtly shifts the blame to circumstances beyond your control. Instead of firing you, your boss is so impressed by your composure that she gives you a pay rise.

Use case 2: Virtual job interviews

It’s your final video interview and you’re one question away from landing your dream job. “So,” asks your interviewer, “how do you anticipate the potential for economic instability in Belize influencing your approach to this role?” You have no idea what your interviewer is talking about. Hit Genius Mode, and deliver a situational analysis that combines subject matter expertise with incisive original thinking. Your interviewer offers you the job there and then.

Use case 3: Creative brainstorms

Your company is falling behind the competition and needs a new advertising campaign to raise your profile. Everyone’s suggestions sound stale or unoriginal. Hit Genius Mode, and propose a breathtakingly fresh idea that combines engraving your company logo on the moon, and creating a company jingle that’s so catchy that it tops the charts in 94 countries. Your company’s sales and share price quadruple in three months and you are promoted to the board.

StarLeaf Genius Mode is currently in Beta. But you can try the current product here.

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Avril Le First is a technology blogger who makes up stories for April Fool’s Day.