Smart video meetings that keep the focus on you

We get it, you want to look good in your video meetings and presentations. You’ve put in the work, preparing thoroughly and professionally. You deserve to get the rewards.

October 7, 2021

So you don’t want your video meetings platform getting in the way. No matter how well prepared you are, unreliable remote collaboration can take the shine off your performance.

Dealing with problems like a poor connection, complicated camera and microphone controls or a jumpy video meeting that has everyone talking at the same time are one thing when you’re working remotely. But what if it happened in real life?

We’re losing you

The connection is bad and it’s making your colleague go all fuzzy. Now they’ve disappeared completely. What were they saying? It sounded important…

Missed your chance

You’ve got something really important to say, if only you weren’t stuck on mute. You just need a minute, but what if someone else takes credit for your idea in the meantime?

You first. No, you

Your video meeting is lagging and nobody’s saying anything. When you do try to talk, so does your colleague. Over and over again. You’re getting nowhere.

With StarLeaf, you get video meetings that let you showcase all your hard work, without anything getting in the way. We’ve developed smart video meeting technology that puts the focus back on you with:

  • Video meetings that work even in low bandwidth conditions so you won’t get cut off
  • Intuitive microphone and camera settings so you stay in control of what your colleagues see and hear
  • Low latency for smooth meetings so you can communicate clearly

So whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can communicate and collaborate with your team like you would in person.

Ready to give it a try?

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