StarLeaf and Zapier: hassle-free video

With Zapier, you can integrate StarLeaf video into the other apps you use, no coding required.

July 8, 2021

Booking video meetings with your colleagues or established clients is normally pretty easy. Everyone knows the video platform well, and maybe you even have access to one another’s calendars, so you can fire off invites right away without the fear of clashes.

But what about when you want to schedule calls and meetings with prospects, new clients or other contacts? With StarLeaf and Zapier, it’s easy for prospects and customers to schedule StarLeaf meetings in just a few clicks, right from the tool of your choice, even if they’re not StarLeaf users. They simply book a meeting with you, and Zapier creates a corresponding StarLeaf meeting and invites everyone.

Zapier works by allowing you to create seamless integrations between the apps you use – no coding required. You simply choose the apps you’d like to link, then pick your trigger and your action. For example, every time someone makes an appointment in your Google Calendar, Zapier automatically schedules a StarLeaf meeting for that time.

StarLeaf is now supported by Zapier, so you can connect StarLeaf video into all kinds of apps to make your life easier, including

  • Scheduling and booking tools like Calendly
  • CRM services like Clio
  • Social networks like Facebook
  • Project management tools like Asana
  • Email providers like Gmail and Outlook

Here at StarLeaf, we’re using Zapier to help our prospects book demos quickly and easily, by integrating StarLeaf video with Calendly.

It means that bookings in Calendly automatically schedule StarLeaf meetings for everyone, and it’s easy. You just select StarLeaf and Calendly in Zapier, choose the trigger and action that suit you, and you’re ready to go.

Find users and create meetings in StarLeaf from new Calendly invitees

That’s just one of the integration templates, or zaps, you can create with StarLeaf. The templates mean you can get your integrations up and running in seconds. To find more options waiting and ready to go, visit the Zapier website.

You can try it for free now to automate up to 100 tasks per month, or check out Zapier pricing plans on their website.

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