StarLeaf Spring 2021 release

Cut the hassle

It’s time we all started hitting our stride in this new world of work, and that means having a collaboration solution that doesn’t get in the way. You want to work effectively no matter where you and your colleagues are, without extra effort, complexity, or technical issues.

The StarLeaf Spring 2021 release, rolling out over the next few weeks, brings you a better way to collaborate, so you can do what you need to do, no matter where you’re working. Read on to get the details.

March 11, 2021

Better meetings

Large meetings

You’ll soon be able to get the full StarLeaf meeting experience for even more participants. Host all-hands meetings where everyone can participate, no matter how many people are joining from home.

Interested? A beta version of this feature for up to 300 participants is now available for StarLeaf customers with host licences. Please contact us if you’d like to give it a go.


Virtual and blurred backgrounds

Blur or hide your background so you can work from anywhere while looking professional. Our state of the art background technology means you’ll be the centre of attention in your meetings.

You can choose to blur out your background for enhanced privacy, or replace it with an image – tropical beach, something from the StarLeaf background library, branded image, it’s up to you.

StarLeaf background library


Better messaging

Quick questions, water cooler chats and project threads are easier than ever with enhanced chat. It’s as simple and intuitive as the messaging apps you use at home, but with the reliability and security organizations need.

We’re adding

  • Replies so you can respond directly to any message in a group or individual chat, including attachments. No more scrolling to find what everyone’s talking about.
  • Forwarding so you can quickly and easily share info across chats, including messages and shared files


Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more

Invite an unlimited audience to your StarLeaf meeting with RTMP streaming to external platforms. You can share your meeting live on a range of platforms for public events, AGMs, council meetings and more.

You can also stream to specialist video platforms such as Quickchannel to take advantage of a range of streaming features like:

  • Q&As
  • Polls
  • Chat moderation
  • Design and branding
  • And more..

Find out more


Get StarLeaf Room for Windows now

StarLeaf Room for Windows is now available for everyone. It’s the simple video meetings solution that lets you build your meeting room how you want it. All you need is a Windows PC and an Android controller to get started.

You’ll get the reliable, familiar StarLeaf experience in a bespoke meeting room without the premium price tag. And you can add your choice of peripherals to get things exactly how you want them.


StarLeaf Room for Poly enhancements

The reliable, familiar StarLeaf experience in your Poly rooms just got even better with dual screen support, 1080 resolution and support for multiple cameras.

It means you can hold truly hybrid meetings, displaying shared content and presentations for your in-person colleagues on one screen, while keeping remote attendees in the picture on the other.