StarLeaf Standby launched to aid critical business continuity communications and collaboration

When Will McDonald and I founded StarLeaf just over 10 years ago we wanted to make online communications and collaboration as simple as possible. We wanted to deliver a consistent, easy-to-use and reliable service while ensuring the tech didn’t get in the way.

I believe we delivered on that vision, and then some. We have many thousands of loyal and happy customers. But visions are not a one-and-done kind of thing. They evolve and adapt to trends and market forces. Today we’re taking a big step towards our new vision: we’re launching StarLeaf Standby.

October 6, 2021

The world has changed since we started StarLeaf. Today businesses face many potential threats, from cyber-attacks and ransomware demands, natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and so on, through to supply chain disruptions and “black swan” events like global pandemics.

Think of Covid-19, the notPetya ransomware attack, the Suez tanker blockage: events like these can take a business off-line and disrupt operations. Regularly revisiting and updating your business continuity plan is vital.

So we began to wonder – do enterprise leaders see business communications as a key component of their business continuity planning? Turns out, they do.

And there are fundamentally two threads to this.

Business continuity for communications and collaboration

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the arrival of widespread hybrid and remote working, collaboration technology has become business-critical.

If your collaboration platform is unavailable, it will affect your operations. In an outage, how soon can you get your communications channels functioning again and maintain continuity and productivity?

Communication and collaboration for business continuity and critical response

When disruption happens and you have to put your business continuity plan into action, what role will your collaboration platform play?

World class incident response, crisis communications and continued business operations require a robust alternative “air gapped” comms platform to be immediately available, and one unaffected by the triggering event.

With an emergency communication and collaboration platform in place, you’ll be far more able to deal with disruption and bring your business back online.

Time is of the essence

In both scenarios, getting a communication and collaboration service working as fast as possible is paramount.

Whether that is to continue with the day-to-day online comms that make up a knowledge worker’s day – video conferencing, chat, telephony – or to provide a secure and distinct service for business continuity initiation (incident response, CEO briefing, access to critical documentation) or both, it needs to be done quickly.

We made StarLeaf Standby to do just that. It is a pioneering solution providing an alternative comms and collaboration service, available as a one-click, instantaneous failover.

Standby preserves scheduled meetings and message/chat history of the primary collaboration tool and recreates them in StarLeaf so that users can keep working seamlessly. Standby will even restart an in-progress video conference and have all participants re-joined into a StarLeaf meeting within a couple of minutes. And it does this at scale – tens of thousands of scheduled daily meetings across a multinational? No problem.

With StarLeaf Standby, if Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Cisco Webex is suddenly unavailable, collaboration can continue practically uninterrupted, until the primary service is back online.

A service you can depend on

StarLeaf is particularly well placed to provide this service because of our robust and independent collaboration platform. Availability and reliability have always been guiding stars and we’re proud of our 99.999% availability SLA, our resilience (no global outages ever) and our strong security track record.

This is the foundation for StarLeaf Standby: a unique and independent service that does not rely on a hyperscale infrastructure like Azure, AWS or GCP. In our StarLeaf-owned and operated platform, we provide collaboration capabilities recognized as market leading.

As natural disasters become more frequent, cyber-attacks more prevalent and supply chain disruption more common, can you afford not to keep your employees communicating and collaborating?

With StarLeaf Standby we are executing on our vision to provide businesses with the technology to respond to outages and non-availability of IT systems. It’s about security for your organisation, and peace of mind for your people.

Mark Richer, CEO