StarLeaf Summer 2020 release is here!

Over the last few months, we’ve all had to change the way we work. So we’re pleased to bring you our Summer 2020 release of new features and improvements, all designed to help you work better, wherever you are.

September 14, 2020

Introducing StarLeaf Room for Poly

The iconic StarLeaf experience is now available on Poly’s latest and greatest meeting room systems. It means you can now get fully featured StarLeaf meetings on the latest Poly room systems.

It’s all backed by the secure and reliable StarLeaf platform, so you can have a consistent and familiar StarLeaf experience across a range of rooms, as well as desktop and mobile devices.

StarLeaf room for Poly

Summer 2020 feature highlights

Today tab: all the key details in one place

The Today tab is your brand new jump off point for your day. Straight from the Today tab, you can

  • Start a meeting
  • Join your scheduled meetings
  • Join meetings using a meeting ID

The Today tab will become your default view when you log in to StarLeaf on your desktop. And you can even customize your Today tab with an image of your choosing!

StarLeaf app today tab

Smart Layouts

This new feature gives you the best in-meeting experience when you’re using StarLeaf on your desktop, especially when sharing content. You can choose your preferred layout for meetings, and no matter which layout you choose you’ll always be able to see everyone and any shared content, so you don’t miss important details.

StarLeaf smart layouts

New StarLeaf experience on mobile

Our new, in-call experience is out now on Android and iOS. It means it’s easier than ever to collaborate on the go – you can share slides, spreadsheets, video and other types of content straight from your device. And you can now raise your hand in a StarLeaf Spotlight meeting from your mobile too, so you can actively participate in any kind of StarLeaf meeting, from anywhere. StarLeaf also now displays in dark mode when it’s enabled on your iOS devices.

StarLeaf for mobile

Enhanced screen sharing on Mac

If you’re sharing content from your Mac in a StarLeaf meeting, we’ve given you complete control of your presentation. Now you’ll get a banner when you’re sharing, as well as an outline of the window you’ve chosen to share.

StarLeaf app enhanced screen sharing

Push-to-talk and keyboard shortcuts

Making an excellent point in your meeting only to realize you’ve been on mute the whole time? We’ve all been there. We’ve improved the in-meeting controls for your microphone to make it easier, especially when you’re working with background noise. The updates include:

  • An on-screen icon, so you’ll know when you’re muted
  • Push-to-talk: hold down the spacebar so everyone can hear you when you’re muted
  • Mute and un-mute your microphone with keyboard shortcuts

StarLeaf app push to talk

Want to know more?

If you’re already a StarLeaf customer, get in touch with your StarLeaf contact for more information on any of these features and updates. You can also contact us to find out more, or simply try StarLeaf for free.