Stars of hybrid working #1: the employee

In the first of a series of three blogs, we take a look at how individual workers can make a success of hybrid working, if they’re spending two or three days per week in the office and the balance working from home.

April 22, 2021

A recent study by global technology advisors ISG1 found that post-pandemic, three quarters of employees would prefer to continue working remotely for between two and four days a week.

With many businesses planning to encourage this new hybrid way of working, there’s a great opportunity for employees to dramatically improve their pre-pandemic work-life balance, not to mention reducing their commuting costs.

But for all these promised advantages, people will still be expected to work productively, and perform to a high standard, whether they’re in or out of the office.

Here are three ways StarLeaf can help you make a success of your new hybrid role.

1. Make sure you’ve got the right collaboration tools

When you’re in the office, you’re likely to spend more time joining video conferences in meeting rooms, and less time joining them via your computer like you do at home. But there’s no reason to use different meeting platforms just because you’re in a different place.

With a consistent and reliable experience across mobile devices, computers and on-site meeting rooms, StarLeaf takes the hassle out of working across a constantly changing mix of office spaces, home and remote locations, and devices. If StarLeaf isn’t yet provided by your company then no problem – it’s easy to try out for yourself for free.

2. Get ready for different types of meeting

Some meetings with clients, sales prospects and suppliers (to name but a few) are likely to continue remotely even if you’re in your workplace. That means integrating video meetings into your everyday workflows will be really important, whether you’re in or out of the office.

StarLeaf lets you schedule meetings in seconds via your chosen calendar, and it’s easy for your guests to join a StarLeaf meeting, even if they’re never used it before.

3. Let collaboration and creativity thrive in breakout spaces

Many businesses are planning to adapt their offices to provide a more hybrid-friendly working environment, with small informal huddle spaces replacing larger meeting rooms and rows of desks and cubicles.

Because these spaces are equipped with video conferencing systems, they offer a great opportunity to meet on the fly with colleagues when you’re in the office, and then add participants based elsewhere in a matter of seconds. Breakout room systems like the StarLeaf Huddle let you instantly connect your laptop to your meeting and share ideas, presentations and inspiration.

Experience for yourself how StarLeaf helps make hybrid working easy. It’s absolutely free for you and your colleagues to try.

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Next week: Stars of hybrid working #2: the business leader