Stars of hybrid working #2: the business leader

In the second of our three blogs on hybrid working, we take a look at how StarLeaf can help business leaders who may be planning or implementing a hybrid working initiative.

April 29, 2021

Hybrid working, where teams divide their time between the office and working remotely, looks set to become the new normal. A recent IDC poll found that 83% of businesses1 plan to provide more remote work opportunities than before the pandemic.

Whatever balance of on and off-site working you decide is right for your own team or organisation, video collaboration will be pivotal to your success.

More than a way for your teams to connect with each other, video collaboration will be front and centre wherever your business connects with people – from sales presentations to trade shows, client meetings to conferences.

And as offices evolve from arrays of desks into places to collaborate, video conferencing will be key to bringing physical and virtual teams from different locations together.

StarLeaf is tailor-made to help your business make a success of hybrid working.

  • The StarLeaf experience is consistent across personal devices and meeting rooms. So it’s ideal for evolving your environment for hybrid working, with more collaborative break-out spaces where innovation and inspiration thrive across physical and virtual teams.
  • Interoperability and seamless workflows will become even more important with people working from different locations, and as people look to continue using the same video conferencing systems in the office that they’ve used when working remotely. StarLeaf MultiJoin lets you use almost any video conferencing platform2 in your meeting rooms, making it easier to collaborate with customers, suppliers and business partners from outside your organisation.
  • Clients and third-party meetings are likely to continue remotely even when employees are back in the office. Access to simple, cost-effective systems like the StarLeaf Huddle will support a larger number of smaller meetings – continuing the previous trend of replacing boardrooms with a greater number of compact and informal huddle spaces.

Your business can depend on StarLeaf as a truly mission-critical service.

Our industry-leading 99.999% uptime guarantee equates to less than five minutes of unscheduled downtime per year. So your important video meetings won’t be halted by embarassing outages.

Whatever you want to achieve from hybrid working, and whether you already have a clear strategy in place or are adapting to changing circumstances, choose StarLeaf. And make your business a star of hybrid working.

Try StarLeaf, and trial it in your team, absolutely free.

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1 Digital Work Transformation: Equipping the Hybrid Workforce Across the World, IDC, January 2021.
2 Microsoft Teams (via CVI partners), Microsoft Skype for Business, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans, Pexip.