UC Expo 2021: opportunities and risks in focus

Dry ice! Branded T-shirts! Tote bags! It can only mean one thing: trade shows are back. And how better to get back into the swing of live events than at the excellent UC Expo (UCX) London on 6th and 7th October. We’ve rounded up a few thoughts on two action-packed days, where the focus was squarely on the brave new world of hybrid working.

October 18, 2021

How can organisations succeed in what we all hope will be the post-COVID era? That was the question being asked – and answered – by tech vendors, exhibitors, speakers, and panellists at UCX 2021. 18 months into the great remote working experiment, it looks as if everyone is coming to terms with the ups and downs of flexible working.

Stay heathy

In an excellent panel discussion on Working from Anywhere, which included senior people from both the NHS and BBC, as well as enterprise, it was refreshing to hear a genuine understanding of how difficult the past 18 months has been for remote employees as well as employers.

The panellists recognised the need to stay on the lookout for colleagues suffering from stress, fatigue and isolation after long periods working from home. And the importance of actively promoting a sensible work/life balance, when digital technologies are so ubiquitous, was wholeheartedly agreed upon.

Keep safe

With UCX and Digital Transformation Expo Europe (DTX) combined this year, the were great opportunities on offer to hear about disciplines outside communication and collaboration. One that’s especially interesting for StarLeaf right now is cyber security. A number of cyber-security talks and debates examined the infosec challenges associated with safeguarding the remote workforce. No surprise when remote workers have created an attack surface that’s six times larger than pre-pandemic network perimeter.

There was consensus that remote workers need to be more vigilant towards security risks and threats when they’re in from the office. But it was also agreed that nagging people about security was counter-productive, and that security measures for remote workers need to be simple and accessible if they’re to prove effective.

Another speaker from a large UK public sector organisation spoke about how his CISO’s biggest fear was a cyber attack taking down the organisation’s network leaving thousands of remote workers without the tools they need for work.

Face forward with confidence

Against this backdrop of a heightened emphasis on cyber security, we believe that StarLeaf’s big announcement at UCX – the launch of our failover service for enterprise communications and collaboration – was especially timely. Watching our CEO Mark Richer unveil StarLeaf Standby, it was great to see so many people in the audience nodding in recognition as Mark spoke about the new and urgent need for business continuity for enterprise communications.

And after two days of overwhelmingly positive feedback on StarLeaf Standby from our peers, partners, friends and customers, we look forward to playing our part in making the hybrid working experience more resilient and less stressful for everyone.

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