Windows user? We’ve got some great news

Right now, 87% of the desktop OS market is using Windows. With StarLeaf, you’ll get the full Windows 11 experience right from launch.

October 1, 2021

If you’re a Windows user, we’ve got great news to share.

When Windows 11 launches on October 5, StarLeaf will be ready with video meetings, messaging and calling that are fully compatible with the new version.

We know that the majority of StarLeaf users are working with Windows on their desktop, so we’ve worked hard to deliver a seamless experience from day one.

That means business as usual for all your remote collaboration, as well as the benefits of Windows 11, including:

  • A fresh, clean design to revamp your desktop
  • New, powerful ways to multitask and make the most of your screen space
  • Great accessibility features for the most inclusive experience yet
  • Highly optimised operating system for speed and efficiency
  • Enhanced security features to keep your data safe while you’re working.

Any questions? Just get in touch.