Alert Logic Gets Hooked on StarLeaf Cloud Video Conferencing and Calling

Technology company Alert Logic sees the use of video conferencing spread like wildfire as it expands teams and office locations throughout the world.

Over a billion people have had their personal data stolen as a direct result of cyber attacks. It seems no one is safe. Attacks vary from online stores like eBay having 233 million personal records stolen, to food outlets like Domino’s Pizza, which had 600K Belgian and French customer records held to ransom, to the malicious theft of sensitive information and images, which get splashed across the Internet for all to see.

Protecting customer records and confidential information is very dependent upon data security. But nothing stands still, hackers are deviously sophisticated and therefore, a security strategy has to outpace, predict, and annihilate threats as they arise. This is exactly what Alert Logic’s fully managed Security-as-a-Service for cloud, on-premise and hybrid infrastructures offers. Every day, Alert Logic analyzes over 450 million events and uncovers 60,000 security incidents monthly, which, if left unchecked, could inflict untold damage.

Given the mercilessness of hackers, it’s no surprise that Alert Logic is in very high demand and its growth has seen it expand its US operations from its Houston-based headquarters to now having offices in Dallas and Seattle, and also open offices in Colombia and throughout the UK, including locations in London, Wales and Northern Ireland. Adding people and new locations led Alert Logic to adopt the StarLeaf cloud video conferencing and calling solution to augment communications. In doing so, the Company is able to keep everyone engaged and on the same page, institute global project management, streamline its customer facing operations, and lower costs by reducing travel.

Initially, Alert Logic installed StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 meeting room systems in its Houston headquarters, and in the home of the SVP for sales. With this relatively small introduction of business video, the Company was in a position to alleviate a good deal of pressure on a key executive, who quite simply needed to be in several places at once, i.e. face-to-face with his remote sales team, overseeing a strategic acquisition and attending regular board style meetings at the HQ. In addition to the video hardware, Alert Logic took full advantage of the StarLeaf Breeze software client, which as a customer of StarLeaf, it made freely available to its sales team, at no extra cost.

While our sales SVP was the catalyst for video, it wasn’t long before we had a number of people hooked on StarLeaf and its use started to spread like wildfire.
Erin Hughes, Corporate IT ManagerAlert Logic

“As we expanded internationally, we installed StarLeaf into meeting rooms. As people joined, we ensured they had StarLeaf Breeze on their laptop. Right now, I’d say that we have become a video first organization, where our people prefer StarLeaf to phone calls and our management team and board meet on video all the time.”

Today, every individual, virtual team and regional office communicates over video using the StarLeaf Cloud and endpoints.

“It’s been a real game changer for us in several critical areas, where the use of StarLeaf has allowed us to keep agile and highly responsive – particularly in support where StarLeaf has helped us to improve customer service by shortening the resolution times. “For example our support staff regularly meet with customers over video. With StarLeaf, we don’t have to worry about what system they are using as it is fully interoperable with other video systems. A key advantage of the StarLeaf system is that we can invite external people to join a virtual meeting room or we can call directly for an ad hoc session – pretty much how you would use a phone. It’s this flexibility that allows us to be highly responsive, while also saving our staff from having to travel out to a customer site.

“Our security and compliance experts in two separate Security Operations Centers work 24×7 tracking, prioritizing and escalating security incidents when appropriate. Every day, people in Cardiff, Wales and Houston meet over video to discuss the preceding period’s key events and to hand over any ongoing incidents. This daily meeting stops misconceptions – it allows each team to understand the severity of any current and evolving situation. The use of video is a dramatic improvement over reporting via email or a phone call.”

As you would expect from a company that has taken to video like a ‘duck to water’, Alert Logic has many use cases where StarLeaf is helping it to maintain its ‘start-up’ tech culture and, more importantly, its dexterity. Every office and practically every meeting room is either equipped or planned for.

“For us video has become the norm, it’s just part of how we do business and how we communicate with each other, we no longer think about boundaries, distance or time, we just have that one button to push and we’re instantly face-to-face or in a virtual meeting. It really is that simple,” concluded Erin Hughes.


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