Easy, eco-friendly video collaboration for services company Professionals Nord

StarLeaf video meetings helped Swedish recruitment specialist Professionals Nord connect its offices across northern Sweden and reduce the impact of business travel.

HR and recruitment specialists Professionals Nord needed to collaborate across its office locations in northern Sweden, as well as arrange meetings with clients and candidates. But the time and environmental impacts of road travel were a big concern.

‘Everybody wants to use StarLeaf, for everything. In a huddle room, a conference room, on a PC, so they can see each other. It makes it really, really efficient for us to conduct our business.’
Klas Friberg, Professionals Nord CEO.

The team knew that increasing their use of video meetings could help solve both problems, so they set a goal which led to them implementing StarLeaf: to increase video usage for meetings by 10%.

And they smashed it! StarLeaf video meetings were so popular and easy to use that Professionals Nord didn’t just meet its goal: video usage increased by almost 100%.

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