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Global workspace management company Condeco provides workspace scheduling and meeting room booking solutions, helping organizations to deliver the workspaces their employees need. Condeco solutions are global, scalable, secure and reliable, and are designed to increase the efficiency of any workspace and improve employee productivity.

For Condeco, the StarLeaf solution enables:


global offices connected with video




meetings per month


meeting minutes per month


As a global company with a mission to help clients create more productive workplaces, Condeco really does understand the value the right collaboration tools can bring an organisation. It’s why Condeco was already using video conferencing in its own meeting rooms across 8 global offices, making considerable savings on the cost and time of business travel. But while the benefits of video were clear, its existing solution began to cause problems for users and for the IT team.

The cloud video platform lacked centralized management for the meeting room systems, which meant that fixing problems or updating room systems was very complicated and slow for Anoop Vadher (IT Infrastructure Manager at Condeco) and his team. Without a central tool, he had to log into each room system individually to make any changes – a process which took around 20 minutes per system. If a system-wide change was required, this complex process could take hours.

Later another problem arose. Back-end management and network changes made by the provider caused reliability problems in the meeting rooms at Condeco. “Basically, they were changing IP addresses and we weren’t informed. It caused outages on our side and made our endpoints go down.” says Anoop. These changes resulted in unplanned downtime and left Condeco without working meeting room conferencing systems.


When it came time to renew the contract, the Condeco team began its search for a more robust, easier to manage collaboration tool for their video-enabled meeting rooms.It needed to be more reliable for its users, and easy for the IT team to manage.

The new collaboration tool needed to have great interoperability features, because Condeco employees frequently meet with customers and partners who use other video conferencing tools, and they need an easy and intuitive way to do this. They also wanted a solution that could work with some of their existing hardware and infrastructure, rather than a costly and potentially wasteful rip-and-replace process.

We were really, really impressed
Anoop Vadher, IT Infrastructure Manager, Condeco

During a demonstration, held in Condeco’s London office, the team saw straightaway that StarLeaf was easy to use and quick to set up in a meeting room. As Anoop says, ”we were really, really impressed.”

A particular benefit was the StarLeaf Portal – a comprehensive back-end management system that promised to slash the time spent on maintaining video-enabled meeting rooms. ”You’ve got one Portal, which I can just log into and I can see all the users registered with StarLeaf, and also see all the endpoints across the globe. I know which ones are active and which are inactive, which is great,” says Anoop.

Condeco also took advantage of the fact that StarLeaf supports H.323 endpoint registration. They purchased four StarLeaf room systems, but the majority of meeting rooms continued using Lifesize equipment, registering these endpoints to the StarLeaf platform. It meant the Condeco team could preserve its existing investment in infrastructure while taking advantage of the benefits of the StarLeaf platform, such as the centralized Portal, unrivalled security, and an industry-leading 99.999% uptime guarantee.


Condeco has been using StarLeaf in its meeting rooms since 2017, and it’s brought huge benefits for users and the IT team alike. It’s helping meetings run smoothly and saving lots of time for Anoop and his team. And Condeco employees are benefitting from reliable, secure video meetings that connect them with anyone, anywhere.

The StarLeaf support is great. We reach out to technical support and we get really useful feedback in a timely manner, and most of our cases are resolved within 24 hours, which is great.
Anoop Vadher, IT Infrastructure Manager, Condeco

But in fact, Anoop rarely hears from users, because they rarely encounter any problems. If an issue does arise, it’s usually simple for his team to fix, and if not, ”the StarLeaf support is great. We reach out to technical support and we get really useful feedback in a timely manner, and most of our cases are resolved within 24 hours, which is great.”

The StarLeaf Portal has dramatically reduced the time it takes the IT teams to troubleshoot or adjust an endpoint, from around 20 minutes for each one, to “just a few clicks”. In fact, Anoop and his team barely spend any time looking after StarLeaf at all. “It really comes down to having a system that we don’t need to monitor 24/7. To be honest, it’s a system that I rarely have to monitor at all. It’s something that’s set up, it works, if it doesn’t work I quickly get notified about it.”

The mix of hardware – some StarLeaf and some Lifesize endpoints – is working well, although Anoop says that, when the time comes, he thinks Condeco will acquire more room systems running StarLeaf. And users are making the most of the great interoperability StarLeaf provides, with plenty of calls to contacts who are using other providers or platforms, particularly Zoom.

StarLeaf has made life a whole lot easier for Anoop and his team. They’ve gone from spending countless work hours monitoring and fixing video conferencing room systems to benefitting from automatic notifications, fixes in just a few clicks, and excellent technical support. ”It’s a one-touch solution for us.”


To be honest, it’s a system that I don’t monitor all the time. It’s something that’s set up, it works, if it doesn’t work I get notified about it.

Anoop Vadher
IT Infrastructure Manager, Condeco

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