Sign Solutions and StarLeaf – open to interpretation

Sign Solutions extends service reach by seamlessly blending video communication into its workflow

Reaching a large telco, water company or insurer is frustrating at the best of times, made worse by the maddening use of IVRs (interactive voice response), computers that interact with humans. But what if you are deaf? What then? How do you resolve your issues with your provider? Up until recently a deaf person will have had little choice but to ask a family member or friend to help out. Enter Sign Solutions, a specialist provider of British Sign Language (BSL) interpreting services, which is using video communication to help providers and their deaf customers communicate in real-time.

Since 2015, Sign Solutions has been offering live BSL video interpretation, powered by StarLeaf, to its clients. However, the recent addition of StarLeaf’s video Click-to-Callservice means that these interpretation sessions are now accessible on more devices and are very simple to navigate.

This spontaneous service, InterpretersLive!, works at the push of a button. In clicking a link on the Sign Solutions website, or any of their clients’ websites, a deaf person is able to instantly access a registered Sign Language interpreter via video to enable them to talk to that organization in their first and preferred language of BSL. Sign Solutions also host a full directory of vendors using InterpretersLive!, to make this free service even easier to access for deaf people.

The standout feature of Click-to-Call for us is the ability to create and manage video hunt groups.
Clare Vale, Managing Director

This simple yet unique feature has proved critical in extending the reach and customization of Sign Solutions’ services:

“We use the hunt group feature to route incoming video calls to the first available interpreter. Our interpreters, who have StarLeaf installed, are alerted to the call and can see which organization the deaf customer wishes to reach. The hunt groups can be customized to route specific calls to specific interpreters, based on the customer’s preference or the interpreter’s area of specialism. This enables us to provide a personalized experience.” Explains Clare.

And it does not end there. In an innovative move, Sign Solutions also offers the Click-to-Call service out to big name brands. Virgin Media, EE, Anglian Water, The Ombudsman and Three, to name but a few, have all embedded the InterpretersLive! service into their own consumer-facing websites. Thus enabling deaf customers equal access to their products and services.

“By making Click-to-Call available on their own websites, companies can extend their support and service capability. When a link is clicked, it instantly fires up a 3-way video call between the deaf person, the provider, and interpreter, so any issues or queries can be resolved on the spot. It’s also imperative that consumer organizations ensure all services, including support, are equally accessible to all. Embedding InterpretersLive! directly into their websites meets this need and increases the accessibility rating of their website.” Says Clare.

This inventive use of StarLeaf’s Click-to-Call service enables Sign Solutions to offer business-to-consumer providers a seamless and simple way to communicate instantly with deaf people as and when they need it. And by integrating instant video into their workflows, providers are able to extend their reach, while keeping processes efficient. This not only improves the customer’s experience, and therefore satisfaction, but also gives the vendors using InterpretersLive! a competitive advantage. Download Sign Solutions case study

Vendors using Sign Solutions’ InterpretersLive! service include:



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