StarLeaf keeps Stronghold connected and collaborating 24/7

StarLeaf delivers robust collaboration and effortless content sharing across 4 US offices, and for meetings with nationally-dispersed clients.

About Stronghold Resource Partners

Stronghold Resource Partners is an investment manager focused on energy and natural resources, working with both companies seeking capital and other investment managers. With four offices across Texas and Oklahoma, as well as clients all over the US, Stronghold Resource partners needed a collaboration solution to replace an unreliable system. StarLeaf made it happen.


With StarLeaf, we have a meetings solution we can rely on to help scale our business.
Isaac Antebi, Director of IT, Stronghold Resource Partners

Stronghold Resource Partners first started using video meetings for internal collaboration between offices. ‘We used Skype for Business with Polycom Trio systems, which was challenging’, says IT director Isaac Antebi. ‘It was very unreliable. The connection would drop consistently, within 10 minutes, almost clockwork, on every single call.’

This setup compromised communication and collaboration across Stronghold’s offices, and call failures put a lot of pressure on the IT team. It was also clear that this solution wouldn’t support the company as it grew. The ability to invite external users to meetings has become more important across the company, including dealing with suppliers and interviewing candidates.

Stronghold’s company-wide meetings, held twice a week, were especially stressful for Isaac and his team. All 150 employees attend, so these meetings were high pressure, particularly when trying to troubleshoot unreliable hardware and software. This task became even more difficult because of the complex network of different management systems. And when they needed Microsoft support, the process was complicated and time consuming.

For Stronghold Resource Partners, the StarLeaf solution enables:


meeting rooms


active users


meetings per month


meeting minutes per month


Stronghold needed a video solution that just worked, to reduce the complexity of their conferencing and deliver a highly reliable video meeting solution. So Isaac got in touch with AVI, a StarLeaf partner, who immediately recommended the StarLeaf solution. Stronghold was particularly interested in StarLeaf’s industry leading 99.999% uptime guarantee, and highly responsive, direct support. ‘Being able to connect to someone from StarLeaf and getting help from them instantly has been really great,’ says Isaac.

The team at AVI were able to quickly demonstrate the StarLeaf solution. For Stronghold, AVI recommended room setups comprising a GT Mini, the latest Touch controller and the Pronto Cable USB. While Stronghold had a wireless sharing option for internal uses, getting external users connected often wasted time. With Pronto, internal and external users can now both share content in moments. ‘Pronto has been a game-changer,’ says Isaac. With StarLeaf on mobile and desktop for all their users at no extra cost, Stronghold stays connected outside the meeting room too.

Stronghold wanted to be sure of making the right choice, so the team also arranged demonstrations from Webex and Zoom. These demos quickly confirmed that the StarLeaf solution was right for Stronghold. StarLeaf was quick to install and set up their demo equipment at Stronghold’s head office, and calling worked smoothly first time. This wasn’t the case with other vendors, who struggled to connect their own calls. ‘In contrast, StarLeaf was just seamless across the board,’ says Isaac.

Following the demonstrations, Stronghold deployed GT Minis into fourteen rooms across their four locations. This time, too, StarLeaf delivered fast installation and smooth implementation. ‘We had rooms up and running within hours’, says Isaac.


To date, I’ve never had a call drop.
Isaac Antebi, Director of IT, Stronghold Resource Partners

Since installation, StarLeaf has continued to deliver reliable, high quality calls. ‘To date, I’ve never had a call drop,’ Isaac says. ‘This has been invaluable for Stronghold’s company-wide meetings, for a start. It’s taken a lot of stress away.’

The exceptional reliability of StarLeaf has even helped Stronghold develop an innovative new use for video: permanent live feeds between its offices. Stronghold now has calls in place on screens in all of its locations, running 24/7. When employees need to collaborate across locations, they can make initial, ad hoc contact by approaching the screens and calling out to their colleagues in other locations, as if they were present. ‘We’ve had the video feeds running for weeks on end without them dropping’, Isaac says, ‘which would have been unimaginable with our previous system.’

StarLeaf’s easy meeting invitations and instant sharing through Pronto have also helped Stronghold extend their video meetings to include external participants. Now, Stronghold is upgrading all its rooms to the new Touch 2045 controller with Pronto, and the installation is going as smoothly as expected. Rather than waiting for external help, Isaac and his team installed their first unit the day it arrived. ‘It took maybe 30 minutes to get it running’.

Stronghold believes that the relationship with StarLeaf is for the long term. It knows that StarLeaf can scale with the business, and that any future expansion will also be able to rely on the StarLeaf solution for seamless collaboration.

StarLeaf really understood everything we wanted to get done, and were able to make it happen.

Isaac Antebi, Director of IT
Stronghold Resource Partners


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