The EIC brings UK utilities companies together to collaborate and innovate

The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) brings utilities companies across the UK together to improve performance and deliver greener energy. StarLeaf makes sure that everyone can communicate smoothly.

The Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) brings utilities companies across the UK together to collaborate on innovations to improve performance and deliver greener energy in the future. Working with so many different organizations, it’s essential that everyone can communicate effectively. EIC’s ageing video system wasn’t keeping up, especially for calls to external parties.

Working with our partner Avoira, EIC chose StarLeaf. Deployment was simple and fast, and video meetings quickly became indispensable as the pandemic took hold and all collaboration had to happen remotely, with people each spending approximately 2 hours in video meetings every day. As restrictions on in-person communication persist, StarLeaf continues to be an essential part of day-to-day operations.

During the pandemic, remote collaboration has been a necessity, but the EIC has seen the value of working over video, and plans to continue and expand their StarLeaf use. StarLeaf is secure and reliable, and it’s easy for external users to join. We’re helping the EIC and its partners to keep working towards a greener future.

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