Conflab Health – the bespoke healthcare video communication solution from Flabba and StarLeaf – added to the UK Government’s gold-standard list to power NHS virtual clinics

June 14, 2021

  • Conflab Health from Flabba and StarLeaf is a bespoke video communication and workflow solution for NHS trusts and GP practices
  • The UK Government has added Conflab Health to its gold-standard list of video conferencing tools for NHS trusts for their online and video consultation needs
  • NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can now access a new £100m fund to purchase the solution and implement the remote patient solution for primary and secondary care
It’s great to see the UK Government recognising the benefits of Conflab Health from Flabba and StarLeaf and that they are now recommending it to NHS trusts and GP practices to implement for their virtual clinics. This is a brilliant example of two great British tech companies coming together to support one of the UK’s most important institutions and we’re looking forward to collaborating with healthcare providers to facilitate remote care during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.
Mark Richer, co-founder and CEO, StarLeaf

Conflab Health – the remote patient consultation solution from Flabba and StarLeaf has been added to the UK Government’s gold-standard list for NHS Trusts looking to implement video conferencing for their online and remote consultation needs.

Earlier this year, video collaboration platform StarLeaf and software workflow provider Flabba teamed up to create Conflab Health as a bespoke video patient care solution for NHS trusts and GP practices. Conflab Health is an end-to-end tool for healthcare professionals, allowing them to manage bookings, share documents and medical images, and conduct comprehensive, secure video consultations with patients online. They can also access features such as auto-transcription and one-way HD video for patient triage, underpinned by a secure and reliable service.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to virtual clinics and online video appointments, with around 99% of GP practices now offering remote consultations. Instead of care providers working across a number of online platforms, from email to Microsoft Teams and remote patient tools, Conflab Health encompasses everything they need for remote patient care, helping practices drive down costs and IT infrastructure needs through one central platform.

As a result, the UK Government has now designated Conflab Health as a “suitably experienced and qualified” supplier of digital, online and video consultation services as part of the Digital First, Online Consultation and Video Consultation (DFOCVC) Framework. The framework was established to deliver commitments in the NHS Long Term Plan to support online consultation in GP practices. This means NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can access a new £100m fund to purchase the solution and use it to achieve their digital transformation goals and power virtual clinics.

Along with primary care providers, other health and social care organisations can also utilise the fund to use digital solutions for services such as community pharmacy, optometry and dentistry. The programme will run until March 31, 2024.

Colin Rhodes, founder and CEO of Flabba said: “Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, NHS trusts were looking to accelerate digital transformation plans and explore providing virtual clinics. Yet they were often turning to off-the-shelf solutions that didn’t necessarily take into account their bespoke needs. With Conflab Health from Flabba and StarLeaf, we’ve ensured that healthcare providers have everything they need to provide remote care in one handy platform, from managing booking, sharing documents and conducting video consultations.”

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