StarLeaf achieves HIPAA compliance certification

Global video meeting provider attains US healthcare compliance, guaranteeing secure video, audio, and data sharing for healthcare organizations.

July 7, 2020

StarLeaf, the global video meeting provider has achieved HIPAA compliance (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), reaffirming its commitment to delivering security-first communication solutions in healthcare. This achievement allows StarLeaf to enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with US healthcare organizations to deliver HIPAA compliant solutions that guarantee health information is protected at all times.

The HIPAA federal law requires the majority of US healthcare plans and providers to protect the privacy and security of the health information they manage and process. With COVID-19 reinforcing the need for reduced contact between individuals and digital transformation for traditional organizations, never has there been such a need for infrastructure that enables seamless, secure, remote consultations.

StarLeaf’s video, audio and data sharing solutions can be used by healthcare organizations in a multitude of different ways. From providing prescriptions and test results, to virtual Telehealth visits, patients can be connected with medical staff without either person having to leave their home or office.

Customer data is encrypted with industry compliant, robust cryptographic methods, in transit and at rest, and remains under control of the healthcare organization and within their defined jurisdiction at all times. Additionally, all calls made through StarLeaf are in real-time, meaning no residual footprint is left on StarLeaf infrastructure. Security-first is part of StarLeaf’s engineering ethos, built into the products, as is demonstrated by achieving ISO /IEC 27001 certification, one of the most stringent international information security standards, and a data jurisdiction guarantee, enabling customers to remain in control of their data. These are mores examples of why healthcare organizations can trust StarLeaf to handle highly sensitive patient information.

Mark Richer, Chief Executive Officer at StarLeaf commented on the achievement: “Achieving HIPAA certification is another huge milestone for StarLeaf. We pride ourselves on the trust healthcare organizations around the world put in us as a company. Healthcare organizations must take extra precautions when selecting a video conferencing provider, so receiving the HIPAA certification gives our partners and customers the reassurance that we place security and reliability at the heart of our products and services.

The certification has certainly come at a time when remote communication has been brought to the fore and we are therefore delighted and proud to be able to partner with healthcare organizations and help facilitate the delivery of the vital services they provide to patients on a daily basis,” Richer concluded.

For more information on the support offered by StarLeaf to US healthcare providers, please see the link here.