StarLeaf lifts call time limits for free users in time for the winter holiday

London, 14 December 2020: StarLeaf, the global provider of messaging, meeting and calling solutions, this morning announced that they will lift the 45-minute time limit for all free users on group calls between 21st December 2020 and 4th January 2021.

December 14, 2020

The offer is timed to help people keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family over the festive season, at a time when opportunities for travel may be limited. Customers will be able to host unlimited group video meetings, as well as making unlimited one-to-one video calls.

The free service includes many of the capabilities found in StarLeaf’s paid-for plans, including calendar schedulers, file sharing storage, and unlimited group and one-to-one chats.

StarLeaf is one of the few video conferencing, chat and calling providers to achieve the ISO/IEC 27001 data security standard. This means all StarLeaf customers benefit from having rigorous data security and privacy measures applied to their messages, meetings and calls.

StarLeaf CPO, Kevin Bernitz, said:

‘2020 has been an incredibly challenging year. At StarLeaf, we wanted to say thank you to our customers, and offer an easy way for people to keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family over the winter break – without worrying how long they’ve got left on their calls.

From 21st December, StarLeaf customers will be able to host unlimited high quality video calls from any device. And with all their messages, meetings and calls in one place, it’s a great way to stay connected and organised over the break – complements of StarLeaf.

With no cap on call times, there’s plenty of scope for customers to get creative with their video meetings. Why not use StarLeaf to host your virtual office party, or even to see in the new year with friends and family who you can’t join in person?

At StarLeaf, we’re all about making it as easy and intuitive as possible for people to meet and connect. I hope this festive offer creates more opportunities for people to do exactly that.”

About StarLeaf

StarLeaf enables seamless collaboration through intelligently engineered, reliable meeting room systems, superior video conferencing, and secure messaging. Designed and engineered by StarLeaf, the experience is intuitive and feature-rich, allowing total interoperability across all devices. StarLeaf brings future-proof communications to the enterprise, with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, robust security, ISO/IEC 27001 certification, and data jurisdiction control. Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, StarLeaf is the provider of choice for delivering meeting solutions that exceed enterprise expectations of service, security, and support. For more information, visit or follow us: Twitter (@StarLeafCo) and LinkedIn (StarLeaf).