StarLeaf’s new scheduling plugin for Microsoft Outlook

The latest version of the StarLeaf Cloud allows video conferences to be scheduled directly from Microsoft Outlook.

February 29, 2016

StarLeaf Cloud 2.4.0 has recently been rolled out, and with this latest release comes a StarLeaf scheduling plugin for Outlook.

The plugin allows all StarLeaf customers using Outlook to schedule meetings on the StarLeaf Cloud directly from their Microsoft Outlook email client.

Not only can you invite any other StarLeaf user or meeting room system to your meeting, you can also invite anyone else, even if they are not a StarLeaf user or don’t have video conferencing in place. The meeting invitation generated by the StarLeaf Cloud is pre-populated with tailored dial-in details for your video meeting, and there are even instructions for dialling in on a phone.

Setting up the Outlook plugin is easy. You can download it here for free. Once downloaded, you’ll see a ‘New Video Meeting’ icon added to your Outlook toolbar. Click on the icon and then enter the email addresses of who you would like to meet as well as the time and date, just as you would to schedule a meeting in your Outlook calendar. Once you click ‘send’ and your invitees have accepted your video meeting invitation, the video conference will appear in their Outlook calendars, just like a normal calendar event.

It’s as simple as that. You can even convert a normal calendar event just by clicking ‘Convert’ within the meeting details, and of course, any updates you need to make to your meeting video details can be done from within your Outlook Calendar and all invitees will be updated via email. For more information, refer to our knowledgebase.