Touch 2045

Next-generation touchscreen controller delivers a delightful intuitive user experience in the meeting room

September 11, 2019

London, 11 September, 2019 – StarLeaf, the global provider of world-class, enterprise-ready video conferencing, announces the new StarLeaf Touch 2045, a new breed of touchscreen controller for StarLeaf video meeting room systems.

The StarLeaf Touch 2045 brings a reimagined user experience to the meeting room. The ultra-responsive interface delivers a simple yet feature-rich meeting experience with the ability to join meetings in just one touch and complete in-meeting control.

With built-in StarLeaf Sense proximity technology, the Touch 2045 wirelessly detects StarLeaf users’ smartphones and synchronizes their StarLeaf meetings with the room system, so users can join their meetings at the touch of a button, even if the room was not booked in advance.

Engineered in the UK, the StarLeaf Touch 2045 is elegant and ergonomic in design with a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen that will complement any meeting room with a StarLeaf system installed.

“The StarLeaf Touch 2045 is intuitive and user friendly, with a professional look and feel. It means video meetings are now easier to join, and gives all of our StarLeaf users a good experience.”, said Ben Price, IT Service Support Manager from Fred Olsen.

‘’The Touch 2045 is the latest addition to the StarLeaf portfolio of enterprise-ready meeting room solutions and, with its reimagined user interface, is our most advanced touchscreen controller to date. StarLeaf Sense transforms the meeting room experience and makes StarLeaf meetings even easier to join. Of course, because it’s StarLeaf, this intuitive simplicity is also backed by our ISO 27001 accredited security and 99.999% SLA.” said Kevin Bernitz, VP Product Management, StarLeaf.

Find out more about the features and benefits of the StarLeaf Touch 2045 on our website.

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