5 reasons to partner with StarLeaf Standby today

It’s clear that businesses have never been more dependent on digital collaboration tools for every aspect of their operations, every day. But at the same time, risks are growing. Cyber attacks are more frequent and sophisticated, and even the biggest service providers aren’t immune to unexpected downtime. StarLeaf Standby is the first and only instant failover service for enterprise communications – it’s the ideal tool to support your customers and grow your business.

February 14, 2022

1. Your customers need it

Ensuring that enterprise communications technology is resilient, confidential and reliable has never been more important. Your customers need comms tools they can trust, so Standby’s unique suite of failover tools will reinforce your reputation as an expert vendor.
You’ll see higher levels of customer satisfaction when it comes to comms tools, too, as Standby eliminates downtime for service they can always rely on.

2. Structured to sell

StarLeaf Standby makes your life easy, starting with a low-friction entry price point: as little as £1 per user per month. And it’s easily scalable to any customer’s requirements.
From there, Standby offers a range of upsell opportunities with great add-ons and applications including failover for Poly rooms and PSTN capabilities, allowing you to meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

3. One less thing to worry about

To get started, the O365 tenant simply needs to be authenticated with StarLeaf Standby, so Standby won’t add to your administrative burden. Simple onboarding makes it suitable for any customer, opening up your prospect base. That means you can reach more customers, more easily, with a unique tool that’s simple to deploy.
And should something go wrong, for example a cyber attack hits one of your customers, Standby really comes into its own. Restoring collaboration and communication tools at the flick of a switch, Standby supports your customer as they respond, and leaves you with one less thing to worry about as you help them. It’ll save you time and resources when you’re at your busiest.

4. Grow your margins

When you partner with Standby, you’ll earn a generous margin on your deals, helping you increase profitability.
And because Standby simplifies managing your customer accounts and simplifies incident response, you’ll save time when problems arise, helping you streamline your services and stay efficient.

5. It fits in, and stands out

Standby is built to fit in with your existing portfolio offering. It’s a great boost to resiliency alongside Microsoft M365 services, it broadens backup and recovery capabilities alongside services such as Dell or Veeam and it further secures IT alongside other cyber-security products.

But at the same time, Standby can help you stand out from your competitors. In a market where a few big providers dominate, Standby’s unique tools set you apart from your competitors, giving you the edge.

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Duncan Feakes, Director of Channels, StarLeaf
Duncan Feakes, Director of Channels, StarLeaf