How long could you last without your business communication tools

With enterprise communication tools now critical for supporting everyday operations, how long would you be able to last without them?

November 25, 2021

We’ve all experienced a communication tools outage of some sort or another. That might have meant you could not connect to that meeting with an important customer that you had scheduled months in advance, or maybe you could not access the crucial information you needed to place an important order and now your whole supply chain is affected. All downtime has a consequence, and it can mean reputational and financial damage.

Over the last few years, and especially during and after the pandemic, we have seen how important it is to be able to communicate virtually with our colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Whether that means video meetings, video calls, instant messaging, or file sharing, the way we communicate and collaborate has changed forever. Now remote and hybrid working are very much the new normal and this means that we rely on certain systems and software to allow us to carry out our critical business functions and activities. When we plan for the future, we must plan for disruption to those systems and functions, and we can do this by identifying which are absolutely mission critical for us to be able to do our jobs.

Let’s look at the example of your primary communications provider. We’ve all by now experienced outages of up to an hour but what happens when service unavailability extends beyond that? What if it was unavailable for three hours, three days, or even three weeks? By how much would this slow down your regular business processes? In the current climate of accelerated risk, this is not unheard of and as we saw with the recent outage at Facebook, if people cannot even communicate to fix the problem, the fiscal impact of downtime can rapidly spiral.

What would unavailability of that magnitude mean to you? Of course, much of that depends on your specific job role, but for anyone it could mean weeks or more of missed supplier meetings, not being able to contact your customers, it could mean pushing out deadlines, and could impact on your supply chain; including making and receiving payments. How long could your business continue to operate when cash flow is interrupted?

Outages are now an inevitability, but that does not have to mean downtime. Forward-thinking businesses are now recognising the mission criticality of their virtual communications and so are ensuring they have a plan in place for when the worst happens.

If you’re just getting started on your own plan, a quick continuity health check on the resilience of your own business communications will set you off in the right direction. Book your audit using the link below and one of our specialists will take you through a couple of questions to help you get started.

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