The chips are down and so are your comms… now what?

Food manufacturer KP Snacks is the latest in a long list of businesses to fall victim to a ransomware attack. With the likelihood of attacks increasing for organisations everywhere, proactively preparing for communication outages has never been more important.

February 10, 2022

Snacks hack

Following attacks on food production companies Schreiber Foods and JBS Foods last year, KP Snacks is the latest high-profile victim of a ransomware attack. The attack, for which the ransomware group Conti has claimed responsibility, came to light in the first week of February 2022, with KP Snacks issuing a letter statement to store owners.

According to the letter, the attack has compromised KP Snacks’ systems, leaving the food manufacturer unable to safely process orders or dispatch goods, disrupting the supply chain and having a knock-on effect for retailers and consumers.

Crunch time

Following an attack, the ability to respond and recover quickly is critical. Prolonged downtime can cause untold financial and reputational damage as well as stress for employees and other stakeholders.

With systems and communications compromised, that recovery is made even more difficult.

If incident response or cyber security teams cannot immediately collaborate to enact recovery plans, time to recover is prolonged. If employees cannot be instantly notified that there is an issue and what the contingency plans are, undue stress is caused. If you cannot quickly and effectively issue updates to your stakeholders, suppliers and customers, your reputation can take a hit.

Crisp and clear communication

StarLeaf Standby is a unique innovation that supports your incident recovery with instant comms failover to a secure and out-of-band communications platform.

Standby sits ready in the background so in the event of an outage or attack, you can fail over your communications at the click of a button.

All your organisation’s upcoming meetings, including Teams, Zoom and Webex meetings are recreated automatically on StarLeaf so business can continue as usual.

Incident response teams can jump on an instant conference bridge to immediately initiate recovery plans while admins can use emergency broadcast messaging to instantly communicate with users, let them know there is a problem and what the plans are.

And crucially, Standby also provides offline Active Directory snapshots so that admins and users can still browse directory information, such as contact details, should live access need to be shut off or your Active Directory be compromised.

All this starts from just £1/$1/€1 per user per month. Peanuts.

Help yourself

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