Private cloud

Choose from a range of private cloud hosting options that give you all the convenience of public cloud plus enhanced control.

What is StarLeaf private cloud?

With private cloud, data centre hardware and network connections are exclusive to individual customers instead of being shared. StarLeaf private cloud customers retain the full StarLeaf experience including advanced remote monitoring and automatic upgrades.

Why StarLeaf private cloud?

You may want the added control that comes with hosting your StarLeaf messaging, meeting and calling solution on a dedicated and exclusive server, for example if:

  • Your organisation has very stringent privacy or compliance requirements
  • You operate in sectors like government, healthcare, finance or are a large enterprise organisation

Flexible private cloud options

StarLeaf private cloud gives you all the efficiency and scalability of our reliable and secure public cloud solution, but in an environment that your organisation and teams can more directly control and manage.


StarLeaf hosted in your own data centre. It is within your own security ecosystem and under your control.

StarLeaf hosted

StarLeaf is hosted on your own dedicated hardware in a StarLeaf data centre.

Dedicated private network

A combination of your network, for example an MPLS connection, along with dedicated hardware in a StarLeaf data centre.


Any of the above options, but with a fall back to the StarLeaf public cloud service.

Proven privacy and security

Organisations such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) already benefit from StarLeaf’s private cloud offering. We provide a dedicated NHS data centre and point of presence on its core network, HSCN, with highly secure private cloud connections for member organisations.

Contact us to find the private cloud solution that’s right for you.

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