#1 Video meeting platform for security and reliability

StarLeaf Platform

StarLeaf has architected its own global platform to deliver world-class video conferencing with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, robust security, ISO/IEC 27001 certification, and data jurisdiction control. Because we are in the unique position of owning and operating the entire platform, StarLeaf is able to provide the reassurance of reliability that our customers require.

Unequaled reliability

Reliability is crucial to business productivity. With video now as pervasive as telephony, any video downtime costs businesses in terms of lost productivity. StarLeaf customers rely on our platform for their critical business communications, assured that our service is always available. In fact, StarLeaf is the only vendor in the industry to offer a 99.999% uptime guarantee. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) reassures our customers that their business will not suffer losses as a result of service outages, guaranteeing less than 5.5 minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.

Total security

Organizations need to ensure that when they engage with a video services vendor, they are absolutely sure it is one that they can trust with their data. Security is of paramount importance to StarLeaf, and we have invested heavily in it. Our robust security measures have enabled us to achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This is the most respected and internationally-recognized information security and compliance standard. It means that our customers can trust our service, our processes, and our products and be confident that their communications and data are kept secure.

Data jurisdiction guarantee

Organizations need assurance that the data they share with a service provider will be processed in compliance with data protection regulations in their own jurisdiction. The StarLeaf data jurisdiction guarantee assures our customers that their data remains under their control and in their own territory. Our ISO/IEC 27001 certification reassures customers that their data will be processed according to the data protection regulations in their own jurisdiction (for example, in Europe, the GDPR regulations).

Platform ownership provides global connectivity & quality of service

There is only one way to deliver an enterprise-grade communications service and that is through end-to-end platform ownership. Total platform ownership means that StarLeaf can mitigate against, identify, and respond to risk much more quickly and effectively than other vendors and is the key reason that we can assure service availability.

StarLeaf understands that when providing a real-time communications service, every millisecond counts. We do not rely on third-party providers and we can access every line of code and every log line of every call and every meeting. This enables our support team to exceed expectations when responding to our customers.

StarLeaf has multiple Points of Presence (PoPs), strategically located all around the world to ensure unparalleled connectivity and efficient call routing with low latency as well as the ability to offer our customers a choice of data jurisdiction. The platform is also fully redundant and duplicated at each of our PoPs. Therefore, in the exceptional case of failure at any one of our data centers, we will automatically redirect connections to an alternative PoP.