StarLeaf Standby

StarLeaf Standby

Enterprise communications failover for business continuity and incident response

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StarLeaf Standby

Providing continuity for business-critical communications and collaboration

Today’s enterprises depend on real-time digital communications for day-to-day operations and to respond effectively to adverse events and incidents.

The StarLeaf Standby suite of tools includes:

  • Real-time communication tools for incident failover
  • Seamless failover for video meetings, messaging and telephony
  • A mass notification system for incident response, business continuity and compliance

With StarLeaf Standby, organisations can confidently meet their recovery time objectives for business-critical activities, and return quickly to business as usual.

Business continuity readiness

Instant failover for your primary business communications

Cyber incident response and recovery

A comprehensive suite of secure incident response tools

Operational resilience compliance

Tools for mitigating exposure to communications risk

StarLeaf Standby in action

Enjoy the peace of mind that your business can activate instant failover for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex, plus enterprise telephony.

During an incident, StarLeaf Standby enables administrators to instantly switch to a full suite of secure enterprise communication tools, at any scale, with a single click.

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Secure by design

StarLeaf Standby offers the resilience, privacy and control you demand, giving you a fully autonomous and air-gapped communications service.

99.999% SLA

99.999% uptime SLA

ISO/IEC 27001 certified

Data jurisdiction guarantee

Resilient distributed architecture

Built on StarLeaf private global platform

StarLeaf Standby capabilities

Business continuity readiness

Targeted response to adverse events at any scale, from a small local communication service outage to a major regional or global crisis.

Support for your RTOs for business-critical processes and operations.

Integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex via API for seamless failover, with Azure AD integration to enable continuous replication for a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) including chat, meeting scheduling and calendaring.

Easy administration, activation and fallback via web-based management dashboard, plus tools for outage and incident simulation.

The StarLeaf messaging, meeting and calling app is available to end users on a wide range of devices.

Enterprise meetings failover

Enterprise-wide instantaneous failover for scheduled audio and video meetings. On activation, all video meetings are automatically recreated in users’ calendars.

Enterprise crisis management

For real-time and recorded video communications, including briefings, updates, video streaming, broadcasts, and emergency video helpdesk services.

Incident response coordination

Secure virtual white rooms and briefing rooms for emergency response co-ordination and external briefings, plus cyber incident and crisis response communications and support.

Enterprise video communications failover

A suite of enterprise video communication tools, including instant and scheduled meetings, virtual meeting rooms, video meeting room system failover, plus instant messaging and point to point calling.

Enterprise telephony failover

Comprehensive failover for phone systems and telephony with full PSTN connectivity if your primary telephony system is unavailable.

Enterprise secure file sharing

Quickly and securely share files, either enterprise-wide or selectively within defined groups. Pre-save recovery plans, files and documents in StarLeaf Standby chat channels so that they are available to end users and response teams in an emergency.

Enterprise instant messaging

Failover for Microsoft Teams messaging for individual and group chats. One-click access to contacts for creating new channels and conversations.

Emergency mass notification system (EMNS)

Multi-channel mass or targeted alerts and broadcasts including SMS, app notifications, and email.


Enable audit readiness to implement redundancy sufficient to meet availability requirements for your business-critical communications platforms.

This will help your business meet requirements specified by control frameworks, and regulations for your industry sector, such as ISO 27001 A17.2, ISO 22301, and FCA PS21/3.

Trusted for critical workloads

Microsoft Partner

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