Business continuity readiness

Keeping resilient businesses connected in an uncertain world

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The new business continuity landscape

Digitally-enabled, remote, and hybrid working are now the norm – and real-time communication and collaboration services are business critical.

Organisations are now evaluating the role of these communication services in maintaining critical activities as part of their business continuity planning exercises.

Businesses must also make sure that their business continuity management (BCM) plan enables effective co-ordination when responding to disruptive events.

Your essential communications tool-kit

StarLeaf Standby helps businesses to meet recovery time objectives (RTO) for critical activities where services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex are integral to business operations; or where collaboration has been identified as business critical. Businesses also depend on StarLeaf Standby for command and control during an incident.

It offers a suite of real-time communication tools that enables seamless collaboration during and after any situation that requires BCM activation. 

Targeted response

Seamless failover and fallback

API integrations

Azure AD integration

Logging, reporting and monitoring

Web-based administrator dashboard

Omni-ready continuous state replication

Outage and incident simulation

Accessible on any endpoint

Messaging backup and recovery

How it works

StarLeaf Standby keeps a secure backup of everyone’s scheduled video meetings for the next 48 hours*. IT can activate StarLeaf Standby in a single click, and all those meetings are immediately and seamlessly transitioned to the backup service.


All scheduled video meetings automatically recreated on StarLeaf
Invitees simply click their link to join their meeting. It’s as simple as that!
All attendees sent updated invites with simple joining instructions by email and text

On activation, StarLeaf Standby replicates an end user’s enterprise instant messaging environment, synchronised across all their devices. All contacts, channels and groups are seamlessly recreated, and users can chat both in groups and individually (Point to Point).

All contacts and chat channels recreated on StarLeaf
Users chat individually and in groups just like normal
A simple UI minimises disruption and maintains productivity

StarLeaf Standby offers seamless continuity for enterprise telephony. It enables inbound and outbound Point to Point (P2P) calling, hunt groups, plus audio conferencing, with the ability to join video meetings via audio-only if no IP connection is available.

One tap on a pre-populated contacts list starts a P2P call
Dial-in numbers makes it easy to hold or join audio conferences
A virtual keypad lets users dial any number on the PSTN network from any device

Why StarLeaf Standby?

Every aspect of your business continuity plan should inspire confidence. With StarLeaf Standby, you and your teams can feel peace of mind it will perform when you need it:

  • Intuitive user interface helps users feel at home and work productively without delay
  • White glove concierge, comprehensive onboarding, global 24×7 support
  • Helps compliance with control frameworks and industry standards such as ISO 22301, BCI Good Practice Guidelines and industry regulations

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